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Approach Towards Filing A Case in Labor Court Dubai

We know that most of us are so timid that we cannot say a word against employers in front of them.
This is because of the gap they bring in between us. In such cases, sometimes, the employers take away the rights of the employees and they do not say a word to them. This is not right and it should not be tolerated at any cost.

Due to the fear or whatever, you want to call it, a lot of people do not file the labor cases in Dubai on
time. The employees keep on delaying the case filing which ultimately makes them lose the case. People
need to know how important it is to take UAE labor law legal advice in Dubai because you blink an eye,
and everything disappears.

Legal Time for Pursuing the Labor Law Case

The legal time limit for filing a case and pursuing it is just one year. If the employees want to file a case
against their employers, they must do it within one year. After a year is passed, their case will not be
filed and they will ultimately be left empty-handed.

If someone is working in an organization on an unlimited contract and they think that they were not
granted all their rights, then it is their own fault initially. This is because before leaving the company, the
employees should keep a check on each and every benefit they must get after leaving the company or
getting terminated. The employees should know what was mentioned in their final settlement and what
they are actually getting at the end of their job. They should verify each and everything before leaving
the company and signing the final document so that they may get everything they have a right on.
If an employee feels like the benefits mentioned in the settlement are not correct, he can report that to
the employer. If the employer disagrees with any of the mentioned grants, the employee can refer to
the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Letting go of anything just because you think you
cannot do something about it, is not the right way. You should fight till your last breath because what is
yours should become yours at any cost.

Employer and Employee Both Can File A Case

The employees and the employers both can file labor law cases if there are any employment-related
issues they are facing. BUT all this should be filed within one year. No claims of both the employees and

the employers will be listened to if a year since the occurrence of a dispute gets passed. That is why it is
very much important to file a labor law case within the time period of one year. After a year, it would be
too late like really.

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