If you are planning to get married in Dubai, then you must read this before saying “I Do”. The marriage is not just about giving preference or picking up the right partner, the precise dress, and the accurate venue for your big day i.e., the wedding day. It’s way more than that. Acknowledge yourself concerning all the legal procedures of getting married in Dubai is as significant as any other thing to you when setting up your wedding. Everything that matters includes all the relevant documents, the certificates, along with the originality of the documents.

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In order to get married in Dubai, the appropriate paperwork is required as, without it, the person might end up in a bundle of troubles.  Till the big day arrives, all the required paperwork must be complete in order to not mess up your big day.

We are familiar with a lot of formalities the families have to complete before the big day of the couple but with all those formalities, there are some other formalities that cannot be unnoticed or ignored. These formalities are also termed nationality, religion, and age. All of these things are issues for the person to get married in Dubai. So, if you are not certain about all the legalities, you must first study them or hire a family lawyer in Dubai who can assist you with all the proceedings of marriage.

A few defined conditions

There are a definite set of conditions that must be fulfilled by the couple in order to get married in Dubai. Here are some conditions that are listed below;

Age of the couple: The minimum age held for a woman to get married is no less than 18 years whereas that for a man is 21.

Residence visa: The residence visa of at least one of the spouses is compulsory in Dubai. Both the man and the woman ought to have a residency visa in other parts of the UAE.

Pre-marital screening: Both the man and the woman must provide the pre-marital screening certificate that should be obtained from the health authority.

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Now is the time you must stop thinking for a little while about the wedding dress and the perfect venue and start thinking about all the legal requirements that are required for your wedding. Be familiar with all the paperwork that is necessary so that you might bring your dream wedding into reality.

A lot of people register their marriage contracts every other day through family lawyers in Dubai and all of it is approved by keeping in mind the legal requirements for getting married in Dubai.