Business Setup Sharjah

Sharjah is the commercial hub to national, international, and local companies which augmented the number of new business formations in this area. The federal government of UAE and local laws are providing multiple incentives to the business owners to expand their business. After experiencing business setup and the related laws, we are providing efficient services in Sharjah and its adjacent cities. We assist our esteemed with the best business setup in Sharjah to help them through our associate legal entities.

Law firms for Business Setup Sharjah

We are covering a wide range of areas of law as we are well-aware of the Sharjah rules and regulations. The knowledge and experience of our associate attorneys help us to deal with the license and visa requirements or our esteemed clients. We ensure that a hassle-free procedure of company formation while managing the bureaucratic matters under the legal umbrella.

Company formation in Sharjah

Whether you want to establish an industrial company or willing to start a commercial business, our associate specialists know the best possible way of how to assist you. Our associate’s consultancy services focus on the major area of company setup which involves deciding what kind of license you should get to make your company formation legally valid in Sharjah. Our associate law firms in Sharjah are helping entrepreneurs start a business in Sharjah from starting the company foundation to registration.


Types of licenses business owners can get for company formation in Sharjah include:

Commercial Licenses

The issuing authority for this kind of license is the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD). The professionals from SEED execute all the legal processes related to commercial licenses being issues in Sharjah. These authoritative bodies carry out all the activities related to buying and selling, general trade, and contractual matters within Sharjah as well as other emirates of UAE. Our business specialist in Sharjah facilitates the process of commercial company setup from obtaining the contract to review legal documents up to the submission of all the related paperwork to ensure that your investment is in safe hands. Whereas, restaurants, jewelry stores, pharmacies, and other related businesses are liable to get additional permits from the relevant government bodies for starting up a firm in Sharjah.

Industrial Licenses

For starting up any manufacturing or industrial company in Sharjah, you should get an industrial license first from the regulating authorities. These licensees and the relevant laws are creating to ensure the safety of business owners, employees, and the people living in adjacent areas. Sharjah Civil Defense Authority, Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, and the Ministry of Economy are some of the authoritative bodies governing the setup of industrial businesses. Company owners should get approval from these entities for securing their business in Sharjah. Our associates’ team is skilled in guiding you about the licensing procedures along with the registration requirements, managing legal documents, and getting the final approvals.

Professional Licenses

These licenses are provided to the professional service providers who own a degree or a skill. To apply for a professional license for keeping your business continued in Sharjah, you should complete all the required qualifications, skills, and paperwork beforehand. Afterward, our associates will represent you as a legal entity and carry out the proceedings of visa issuance, license renewal, work permit, and manage other legal documents on your behalf. Laborers in Sharjah, consultants, and people belonging from other professions should get their services licensed first.

Our Services

If you are planning to take the initiative of a startup or willing to expand your business, then you can head to our associates in Sharjah. Our associate professionals will assist you by making the process of business setup smooth and effortless by offering legal support. We are offering a wide range of services for company formation in Sharjah by facilitating the registration and setup of the following businesses.

Partnership Company

In shared businesses, the structure of the company should include at least one partner who owns the nationality of UAE. The business partners should be two or three in numbers. Whereas, this compulsion of adding an Emirati partner is not the same for setting up a company in the free zone of Sharjah.

Civil Companies

Companies carrying out professional activities in the mainland of Sharjah are referred to civil companies. These corporations could be established by foreign investors. The expatriate investor can own the majority shares of the company where there should be at least one UAE national as a company partner.

Sole Proprietorship

UAE nationals can open this kind of company by owing to complete shares. Foreign residents are also allowed to business setup in Sharjah but there must be a local service agent for carrying out the legal procedures. If these companies are settled up in free zones, then expatriates can also get complete ownership without even appointing an Emirati.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

For this business structure, two to fifty company personnel are allowed in Sharjah. To establish an enterprise in the free zone of Sharjah, there is no compulsion on appointing a local person of UAE for business setup. LCC company formation in the mainland required that at least 51% shares of the company should be owned by an Emirati or UAE national. Our previous record and highly professional associates support company formation procedure by following the legal principles. We have always exceeded the client’s concerns by offering customizing strategies.