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Civil Law

What defines Dubai Civil Code?

Dubai Civil Code is such a lawmaking document that presides over all civil matters, experiments, and proceedings which engross civilians. The Civil law in the Emirate of Dubai in the Emirates is deeply based on the codes of other Arab countries, especially Egypt. The Islamic Sharia law is also a cause of law and guiding principles in the UAE

Why Dubai is considered world safest place?

United Arab Emirates is considered a worldwide financial hub and world’s safest place for business and employment activities. Shareholders along with businessmen across the sphere wish to do business here because of its outstanding feature of free trade opportunity and tax-free systems. UAE government makes the federal rules and systems put into service in every emirate of the country which is crucial to be followed by every Emirati and Expatriate.

What will happen after violating rules?

Whoever will breach these rules or will not follow these rules will be measured as committing a violation. Civil Law is made to deal with every circumstances belong to this scenario. The Civil law gives the supreme and clear justification of rights and obligations in UAE. Our team includes Emirati Civil Lawyers that helps the people in all the Civil Disputes in areas of Family, Corporate, Maritime, Intellectual Property, Commercial, Property, Real Estate, and more. We present complete Civil law Services from drafting the agreements to defending people in Civil Courts. Civil Cases are very wide in nature. It covers almost every infringe of human right and local systems.

Civil liability in Dubai

The Civil Code is made to define the acts causing harm which can be undeviating or consequential. The rights to take delivery of compensations for damages are distinct by the law and are also included in the Code. Companies in Dubai are defined as individuals in whom two or more individuals fulfilled a contract and are vault to participate in a financial property. In spite of the type of company, it will be considered as a legal person instantaneously after it has been integrated. Also defined in the Civil Code, there are some features which includes

  • The elements of a company
  • The management of the firm
  • The effects of a company
  • The termination of an enterprise

How much our experienced lawyers can assist?

Our skilled Civil Lawyers in Dubai and Litigation Attorneys have been examining in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all over UAE for over 20 years and dedicated to helping people in all facets of Civil Law including litigation, dispute resolution, compensations, debt recovery, and much more. ­_______ suggest specialized legal services with this intention to serve people and help them to resolve their disputes in a short time.

Our services also include:

Our Civil Lawyers are focused to deal with subsequent Civil Disputes:

  • Commercial and Corporate Disputes
  • Family Disputes
  • Violence
  • Fraud
  • Compensations
  • Mortgage Cases
  • Unpaid Liabilities
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Property Disputes
  • Real Estate Disputes

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