Commercial Consultancy Services facilitate in is drafting of professional terms and conditions for any business also regulates the conduct of the business. Managers need to have complete knowledge about the business law to understand the rule and regulations and to run a genuine business. They must make sure that they do not do anything contrary to law and for this purpose they must be knowledgeable about business law. For this purpose, companies and managers should take legal facilitation from corporate litigation lawyers to make sure that everything is according to the law.

Business Law deals with the following:

  • Setting up new business                       
  • Property Law                  
  • Patents & Designs
  • Drafting of Business Contracts  
  • Insolvency                    
  • Export & Import Merchandise
  • Employment Law                      
  • Trademark                    
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Partnership Laws                      
  • Insurance                     
  • Banking Laws

Hiring of Employees

Newly established companies and businesses need employees to start their operations smoothly. They hire the employees after getting the license so that they can start functioning. For this purpose, business owners need legal advice to follow the hiring and firing of employees as per labor law. It is important as UAE labor law has certain rulings that every business owner and company is supposed to follow. For this purpose, they must make sure to contact Corporate Lawyer in Dubai, UAE to avail the services so that they can help in drafting of hiring and firing as per law.

Business Formation

For any business to exist as a legal entity proper paperwork should be done as per the business law. The legal paperwork can be processed with the assistance of Corporate Lawyers who can advise you on how to deal with all the matters and whether that specific business is allowed in that zone or not. Corporate lawyers in Dubai will provide you with complete information about the formation of the business and what is allowed and what is not allowed.

Drafting of Contracts and Negotiating 

The formation and establishment of the business can be a complex process as several contracts need to draft for different purposes. Be it hiring and firing of employees, agreement with distributors and suppliers or lease agreement; or lease agreement; the corporate lawyer will help to draft the contracts and agreement as per law to avoid any dispute and legalities in the future. To make sure that everything is as per UAE’s labor and business laws get the assistance of a good corporate lawyer in Dubai, UAE. 

Property Rights

You should make sure to legally protect your copyright and intellectual property. Your competitors may rob or copy them if you do not have copyrights. Your intellectual property which includes trademarks, brand names, original products, patents, and designs are the most important assets of your business for your success. When you have legal rights and protection for these things you can easily run your business and handle any issue that might arise. Usually the normal person is not aware of intellectual property rights. It is suggested to contact the Corporate Lawyer in Dubai, UAE who will make sure that all of your rights are legally protected and will also provide complete information about the whole procedure.


There has been a huge shift in the industry since UAE has implemented excise tax and value-added tax as many people are new to this and are facing for the first time. It is very important for every company and business in UAE to strictly follow the rules and regulations related to tax matter otherwise there can be huge consequences for not paying the tax. In Dubai, UAE there are so many law firms with corporate lawyers that provide their services in this regard and provide you information about paying off the tax.

Legal Consulting Firms

We are one of the top and best associates legal and trusted consulting firms who provide excellent services for corporate matters and business. We have the best and highly seasoned Corporate Associate Lawyers in Dubai, UAE with wide experience of more than a decade and complete knowledge about all the matters.