False Accuse of the Crime

It is a very common thing to have someone falsely accused of a crime that the person did not commit. It is highly suggested to take immediate legal steps to protect yourself if you are being charged or investigated for a crime that you did not commit. It is very important as in some cases victims can identify the wrong person and, in some circumstances, innocent people can even be charged for the crime that person never committed. The first advice, in this case, would be not to panic, control your nerves and try to remain calm and relaxed.

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If you ever get into such a stressful situation and trouble here is the checklist for you to make sure that you are taking the right steps to protect yourself.

Do not say anything on your own

This is a very critical thing to understand as in case you utter one wrong word from your mouth that can ruin the whole case for you and the other party can use it against you. Make sure you remain relax and do not say anything if police are investigating you if you don’t have your lawyer present at the scene. The other party and people might take advantage of your situation and will pressurize you in different ways to incriminate yourself so that they can use it against you for further investigation. You should remain silent to keep yourself away from any harm and tell them that you can say and do anything unless your lawyer is present and that is your legal right according to law. It is also suggested not to say anything without a criminal lawyer as you might not be able to share the complete details because of stress and this might jeopardize your case. 

Hire a Criminal Lawyer from Dubai, UAE

There is a possibility is some cases that police might or might not arrest you at the spot depending upon the situation and case. It is always suggested to hire experienced and senior Criminal Lawyer as they can save you from so many troubles and they do understand all the legalities and other legal matters which a common man does not understand. 

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It is suggested to get the services from the best Criminal Lawyers present in Dubai, UAE. There are so many talented and seasoned Criminal Lawyers in Dubai, UAE who provide high-quality services in such matters. The expert Criminal Lawyer with the help of professionals will make sure that you are in the best possible situation. 

Gather your Alibis

Alibi is one of the forms of defense used to protect yourself where you try to prove that you were in some other place at the time the alleged crime was committed. It is important to hire a good Criminal Lawyer as he can help you do this, and they are expert and experienced in this field. Your hired attorney will help you to gather solid proof and evidence that what happened which will help to protect you from any charges.

One of the important Alibis can be to gather witnesses. They may be asked to submit the written statements to help you and your lawyer might record their interviews and videos as proof.

CCTVs at crime place can also strengthen your case and use it as a solid proof. Other things that can help you is the receipts of grocery stores, petrol station, restaurants, etc. as date and time is mentioned and can save you from big troubles. 

Try not to present anything without consulting it with your lawyer as it might worsen the situation and can put you in big trouble. 

Appearance in Court 

Once a trial ensues you should be well informed about your case and how you are going to present it in front of the court. You should be well informed about the witnesses of your and another party as well. Surely your hired lawyer will help you in this matter. Your expert Criminal Lawyer will make sure that you are well prepared to appear in front of the court will solid, proofs. The Criminal Lawyer might question you in private for practice and provide you with the answer rebut what to say and whatnot.

Apart from strengthening your Alibis you should have solid proofs against the other party as you may mention that they are falsely accusing you because of a personal matter that happened way before this crime as revenge. Make sure you have proof to explain your point.

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