Debt Collection Abu Dhabi

Dubaidebtrecovery.com is a team of associate lawyers who are proudly serving for more the 25 years in debt collection Abu Dhabi and the other emirates of UAE under the various heads of law. In addition to the debt recovery Abu Dhabi, our services extend up to the cases coming under the heads of labor law, criminal law, family law, business setup, notary and, etc. As a debt collector agency more than 50,000 cases have been successfully resolved to date. Our associate lawyers work with excellence and follow the smartest ways for the debt recovery. Deep insight into the legal matters, extensive knowledge and regular trainings of our debt collectors has led us to earn name over the years. The success rate is the highest amongst the leading debt collector agencies. Dedication, ownership, and seriousness towards the cases and application of the best possible methods according to law is the key to success. 

Debt collection Abu Dhabi with Dubaidebtrecovery.com (DDR)

Dubaidebtrecovery.com is the leading associates organization in the Debt collection abu dhabi services. Unmatched services by the Dubaidebtrecovery.com are the silver linings of the dark clouds for the organizations facing debt collection issues. Through their expertise they ensure the fastest debt recovery in Dubai. The associate lawyers of Dubaidebtrecovery.com offer the services in debt collection Abu Dhabi (which serves as the capital), Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain. A highly experienced, effective, and efficient team specifically tasked for debt collection recoveries is enforced under the guidance of immensely skilled associate lawyers of Dubaidebtrecovery.com (DDR). The success rate of DDR is the amongst the highest recoveries across UAE.

The services rendered by the tremendous task force of the debt collection claims and implement ‘No Win No Fee’ policy. We, the team of DDR work under the experienced guidance of associate lawyers and implement the most pragmatic policies to enable debt recoveries. All the laws, policies and procedures are strictly adhered to the rules and regulations exercised by the government of UAE. We have complete in-depth knowledge about the tactics for the debt recovery for all the jurisprudence of UAE. We proudly claim ‘No recovery no fee’ based on the 100% success rate in all the Emirates of UAE. Our team of associate lawyers, debt collectors and other staff members are having complete knowledge about market policies, big and small business, their strategies and market situations and we exercise prompt and rightly directed action for making the debt recoveries possible. 

We are proudly serving the residential clients of UAE and expatriates from all over the world. Our clientage enrolls the parties from the USA, UK, Australia, China, Canada, Turkey, Pakistan, India etc., hence all over the globe who are running either their own businesses in UAE or into partnerships with other companies. We are more than the Debt collection agency, as we promise to offer not only debt collections but also with the team of associate lawyers and other staff members, we dare to help the clients in making beneficial policies, impart knowledge about the market ups and downs and render the services to protect the rights and liabilities of the clients in subsequent follow-ups. Unpaid cheques, unpaid loans, and unpaid salaries are recovered by implementing the finest strategies and this is claimed with surety by our proud debt collectors. Outstanding Debt may be anywhere in any Emirates of UAE, we claim ‘No cure No fee’ strategy. Our debt collectors, in legal guidance of associate lawyers smartly exercise the best strategies and tactics with all the available resources. They profoundly exercise the legitimate methods in recovering the outstanding debts and their strategies may vary depending on the individuals, business, consumers, tenants, or loan payers. Our debt collectors ensure that the outstanding debt collection should be done through a legalized channel and may seek negotiations, amicable settlements, and arbitration for successful recoveries. No win no fee is our business principle and our team of DDR successfully implements in all the disputed debts.

Our team of Dubaidebtrecovery.com is profoundly rendering the following services for debt collections:

  • Unpaid Cheques

In case of unpaid Cheques or bounced Cheques, the debt collection attorneys assist in redeeming the money from the cheques through legal and professional assistance.

  • Unpaid salaries
In the case of unpaid salaries, the client has the full right to exercise legal ways of getting his salary. Our highly trained associate lawyers help and guide the parties to solve the matters through negotiations and collective bargain. We assure the client with no win no fee policy and take the pain for making a win-win situation.
  • Unpaid loans
Apropos to the laws of Abu Dhabi, UAE if a person is accused of non-payment of the loan then it is deemed to be an act of crime and is dealt under the criminal law of UAE. This can lead to imprisonment of 3 years to the debtor. Our highly professional team of associate lawyers guarantees success to our clients and promises no cure no fee policy.
  • Unpaid invoices

In case of any owed amount to a party by anyone, the associate lawyers of the debt collection agency assure the recovery of the unpaid invoice. The associate lawyers assure no recovery no fee to their valued clients.

  • Unpaid services

At times, the services tend to be unpaid either by the employer or any party to the contract. Debt collection agency offers services in order to resolve the issue to the aggrieved party and make all the services redeem to the client. 

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