Debt Collection Belarus

Recovering business-to-business and business-to-consumer debt is not a cup of tea when you are unaware about the laws of Belarus and debt collection belarus. People usually face disputes for unpaid bills, invoices and overdue payments. Unsettled debt issues usually lead the business relationship between two parties to an end. 

The different trading culture and norms of Belarus is not easy to understand. Creditors are accountable for any unlawful act they take in debt collection Belarus. Therefore, handing over the matter to legal attorneys is the best way to seek resolution under legal umbrella.

Our associate debt collectors in Belarus have sixty years of knowledge of expertise in resolving debt disputes. You can easily focus on other tasks after handing over the issue to them. They offer legal assistance in Minsk, Grodno, Mogilev, Brest, Gomel, Viciebsk, Pinsk, Polatsk, Lida and Orsha.

Get Legal Advisory from Debt Collection Belarus Agency

People seeking debt collection are advised to get legal assistance to deal with the lawful aspects of the matter. Our associate legal experts are well-aware about rules and regulations of Belarus. Their extensive expertise of recovering payments on clients’ behalf is the key factor behind their improved success rate

Legal attorneys advise people about the chances of success in their overdue payment disputes. They endeavor to provide clients with best solutions to meet their requirements. Our associate debt collection agency in Belarus maintains your repute whereas making your debtor pay earlier using legal processes.

Suggestions for Dealing with Belarusian Debtors

Dealing with non-paying clients in Belarus is a tricky task especially when you do not want to spoil professional relationship. Businesses who sign long-term contract with other firms or individuals for providing them goods and services often face bad debts and follow debt recovery procedures

Creditors should take precautionary measure before signing agreements with Belarusian clients. In case you still face bad debts in Belarus, here are a few suggestions which you should follow:


  • Contact or visit the debtor
  • Inquire about reason for delayed payments
  • Send legal notices when deadline reaches
  • State invoice details in the reminder
  • Specify payment period in the notices 

Avail Customized Services for Debt Collection Belarus

Every business works on different terms whereas the Belarusian clients also in a different way as per their cultural norms. Getting help from local experts is recommended as they speak Belarusian language and converse with the debtors in their native language.

Our associate debt collectors provide customized services as per your disputes. Provide all the legal documents of your matter and narrate the case to get bespoken services. Our registered debt collection lawyers have more power to force your debtor and make them pay on time.

Why you should Hire Debt Collection Experts?

 Recovering a small portion of business’ income as debt is not a great deal. However, the dispute worsens when you owe more than six digit payments from Belarusian clients. Hiring legal attorneys for recovering your unpaid invoices is helpful as they guide you about the feasible options which you can avail. Debt collectors assist people for getting their money back in following ways:



  • Trace and contact the debtor
  • Negotiate on the behalf of client
  • Provide suggestion for systematic follow-up
  • Follow legal procedures for debt recovery
  • Maintain the records about legal processes 

Debt Recovery Procedure for Non-Paying Belarusian Clients

Debt collection Belarus is usually divided into two phases. One is followed through court proceedings whereas the other does not involves court intervention. Our associate legal entities help people in carrying out both procedures under legal umbrella.

Extrajudicial Debt Collection Process

In extrajudicial phase, lawyers do not involve court procedures. They rely on resolving debt disputes out-of-court. They save your money and effort from visiting the court until the final hearing. Legal experts demand payment from the debtor on your behalf in a legal way.

Our associate legal experts believe in face-to-face conversations to resolve your disputes. They arrange meeting between debtor and creditor to settle their disputes. If debtor is facing financial crisis then creditor can provide then installment-based solution for recovering overdue payment.

Judicial Debt Collection Process

If debtors do not pay off the debt even in extrajudicial phase, then lawyers are allowed to follow legal procedures. Creditors can go to court with the help of legal attorneys. Our associate legal attorneys guide them about the success probability. They also provide cost estimation for proceeding with court procedures.

If the debtor and creditor belong from European Member state, the European order for payment proceedings is followed. Denmark is eliminated from European payment order. You can ask your lawyer to assess whether European order of payment is suitable in your case or not.

In European order for payment proceedings, debtor has 30 days to object their claim in the court. If they fail to respond within 30 days of court notice, then court orders them to pay overdue payment to debtor. This process is not suitable for disputed matters. It is useful on economical basis and a speedy process.

Our No Win No Fee Policy

As per our No Win No Fee plan, our associate attorneys will not get their service charges if they fail to get your payments back. You are not liable to pay their fee if they are not successful in recovering your unpaid bills, invoices and overdue debts.

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