Debt Collection Belgium

Debt collection is the recovery of unpaid invoices from a debtor on behalf of creditors. A debt collection agency is responsible for recovering debt in Belgium. Not only in Belgium, but we offer debt collection services in multiple cities including Aalst, Antwer, Beveren, Brussels, Ghent, Liege, Mechelen, Mons, Namur, Ostend, Overijse, Sint-Niklaas, Turnhout, Westerlo, Wevelgem, Zeebrugge, just to name a few

Is your Belgium customer not paying your debt on time? We have the best debt collection lawyers who will help you in collecting your unpaid invoices from the debtor. Our debt collection agency is willing to entertain you in recovering pending debts

Our goal is to offer liable associate lawyers for debt collection Belgium who have adequate experience and full authority for collecting debts. Moreover, they are aware of Belgium rules and regulations and provide a speedy service. Each case is commissioned by our associate attorney to provide profitable results to our valued clients.

 We Offer “No Win No Fee” Scheme

What will happen if you would not get your invoice back from your Belgium client? Although we aimed to get your debts back whatever the situation is but still we cannot guarantee you. So in this time of difficulty, we have a scheme for you that is “No Win No Fee”. Which means you will not be charged our fee in case you lose. 

Global Collection of Debt in Belgium

While doing trade with a Belgian business partner, you come across different methodologies of business. Moreover, they have different customs and laws other than those you are used to. Language is also another challenge you face while working with them. Hence, all these factors make debt recovery a difficult task from Belgian clients. For, such issues contact our associate lawyers for debt collection Belgium, we have proper strategies for you to recover your money professionally

Why Appointing a Debt Collection Agency

Belgium has a well-organized system of giving payments. For many years they have improved their credit management which makes ease for international traders. However, some of the invoices are still unpaid due to which they need for a debt collection agency has become mandatory. Things that are not settling normally require a legal procedure which saves your money and time.

Debt collection Belgium – Potentials Advantages

Following are benefits that are offered while collecting debt in Belgium:

  • Lawyers are familiar with Belgian native language
  • Our success rate is considerably high
  • Services are available 24/7
  • You will provide direct contact with your respective lawyer
  • No win No fee facility for debt collection
  • Whether your debtor is in Brussels, Liege, and Ghent or in another state of Belgium our associate lawyers can collect money through the country.

Procedures for debt recovery in Belgium

Debt collection Belgium is carried out through two procedures. The conflicting parties should be in the European state (excluding Denmark) for collecting debts through “European payment order”. The procedures for collecting outstanding debts are discussed below: 

  1. Amicable collection

The most significant way of collecting debt is extrajudicial debt recovery. In these procedures, negotiations are conducted to reach a mutually agreed decision. Following ways are adapted by debt collectors for amicable settlement:

  • Draft a letter that demands payments
  • The payment process is drafted
  • Personally visits the debtors and communicate nicely
  • Approvals before judgments
  • Investigate about debtors solvency
  • Aware debtors about moving towards legal procedures 

  1. Judicial collection

If your debtors did not take you seriously even after amicable settlement then go for judicial debt collection procedures. It is considered to be time taking in some case but it is a cost-effective methodology. All you need to do is file a case in court and let the judges make decisions. The verdict of the judge is considered to be the final one and both the creditor and debtor should obey it. You also claim the decision of judges which then requires further procedure such as negotiation among disputed parties is offered by a court of law


Contacting a lawyer or law firm is considered to be the best way of recovering your debts. Therefore, do not waste your time convincing your rigid debtors. Hire a debt collector and hand over your concerns to them. They have the proper knowledge and approaches to collect it on your behalf. There is no need to worry once you hire our experienced associate advocates.

So what are you waiting for? Contact our law firm and get the best lawyer for you. We will take care of your concerns and provide the best possible outcomes. Our associate lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in collecting outstanding debts. Therefore, they will make your Belgian clients pay you quickly.

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