Debt Collection Bosnia

Business owners and individuals frequently face unpaid bills, invoices, and overdue payments in Bosnia or debt collection Bosnia. This is due to the changed trade norms and culture of the area. People from all over the world reside there which also leads to conversation barriers while different parties join hands for business.

Debt collection Bosnia does not only counts for the outstanding debt but it also includes unpaid bills and invoices for the services or goods a business or individual had provided. Our associate debt collectors provide legal services in Sarajevo, Mostar, Cazin, Tuzla, Bihac, Konjic, Zenica, Visoko, Jajce, and Neum.

How to deal with Non-Paying Bosnian Clients?

People always fear of being unable to continue business relationship if the claim their overdue debts. It is true in most of the cases as unsettled disputes often lead to contract termination. Dealing with Bosnian clients to ask for debt recovery is tricky as people are not well-aware about the payment policies.

Here are a couple of suggestions for you about for approaching to your non-paying Bosnian clients:

  •  Contact the debtor through email or a call
  •  Ask about the reason for delayed payments
  •  Send regular reminders for overdue debts
  •  State invoice description in the notices 
  • Remind them about the period of payment

Get Legal Advisory and Customized Service in Bosnia

Debt recovery in Bosnia is a challenging task as you have to abide by the local rules and regulations. People who face bad debts for the first time or new to business world are not aware about how to settle disputes. Most of them face legal allegation for following wrong route to debt collection in Bosnia.

It is always suggested to approach our associate legal attorneys as they will guide you about how to get your unpaid bills, overdue invoices, bounced cheese and debts recovered legitimately. They provide customized services after studying your matter in depth to meet your requirements.

Our associate debt collectors always put your concerns as priority while recovering the payments. They provide legal guidance for dealing with non-paying clients in Bosnia. Following legitimate guidance helps maintain business repute and it increases the chances of winning the case.

Debt Collection Bosnia through Bosnian Lawyers

People who owe payments from Bosnian clients or expatriates living in Bosnia prefer getting services from professionals. In this way, they spare time for dealing with the other productive tasks of their firm whereas legal attorneys recover the money on their behalf. Moreover, they also complete the paperwork.

Our associate lawyers also provide services for debt collection Bosnia and they are well-aware about the local laws. They know how to deal with the debtor and recover your overdue debts under legal umbrella. Their knowledge about local legislation and trade customs is the key factor behind their success rate.

Why you should hire debt collection agency Bosnia?

Our associate debt collection agencies in Bosnia are knowledgeable about the rules and regulations of the country thus they legally help you. They are well-aware about the commercial traditions of Bosnia so that you do not have to face cultural issues.

Legal attorneys make your debtors pay earlier as they fear of court procedures if they still deny paying your debts on time. They speak Bosnian language which helps them to converse Bosnian clients in their native language. Functions of a debt collection agency in Bosnia.

  • Tracing Debtor 
  • Negotiations
  • Maintain Records

Debt Collection Process in Bosnia

Debt recovery procedures in Bosnia are divided into two phases. One involves court intervention whereas the other does not involves court order. However, out-of-court debt recovery is always preferred in Bosnia. Our associate attorneys assist in both processes.

Extrajudicial Debt Recovery

Debt collection professionals rely on negotiations before dragging the case to court. They study the matter in-depth and try to figure out an easy solution rather than pulling out penalties. Experts are also of the same point that resolving despites on a round table is a better approach than using force.

Our associate debt collection lawyers arrange a meeting between debtors and creditors to resolve disputes. The claims from parties are presented to look for the best possible solution. In case the debtor is suffering from an economic crisis, creditors negotiate on installment-based reimbursements of debts.

Judicial Debt Recovery

If debtors refuse to pay off the debt in extrajudicial phase, then you can move on to judicial procedures. The issue is presented in Court of Bosnia with your permission. Our associate legal attorneys represent you in court to claim your overdue payments. European order for outstanding debt proceedings in Bosnia includes: 

  • If debtor and creditor belong from EU states, than European order of payment is followed in debt recovery. The lawful entities assess your dispute to check whether European payment proceedings are suitable in your matter or not.
  •  In European order of payment, debtor submits the form in court and then court provides debtor 30 days for claims. If they fail to object a claim then court issues final notice of payment. This procedure is economical and faster.

No Win No Fee Strategy

What if our associate attorneys fail to recover your payment? No need to worry as you would not be paying their service charges. As per our No Win No Fee policy, our associate lawyers and law firms only charge their fee on winning the case.

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