Debt Collection Croatia

Businesses in Croatia often face bad debt collection Croatia. Sometimes, it is due to some genuine reason whereas some debtors deliberately delay the payments. Whether you provide services on credit to a customer or supply them products, it is your right to get your payment on time to carry on the business terms.

If your customers or business allies do not pay off invoices on time, then it might lead you to face critical financial issues. It is because startup and newly formed business firms in Croatia entirely rely on their sales and if they do not get paid on time, they will be unable to keep their business operational.

Worry not as our associate debt recovery Croatia lawyers are always there to assist you. Whether you are in Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb, Zadar, Pula, Rijeka, Sibenik, Osijek, Roving, Trogir, or any other city of Croatia, our associate attorneys will always help you get your rights and recover overdue payments.

How to deal with Non-paying Clients?

 Communicating with a debtor is not an easy task as you need to suppress your sentiments and deal them in a professional way. Any illegal act might lead you to face legal allegations rather than claiming debt. Thus, here is a list of suggestions which you can follow while contacting with the debtor for debt collection Croatia:


  • Collect details about the debtor
  • Contact him through email, fax or call
  • Inquire about the reason behind overdue debt
  • Send reminders mentioning the expected date of payment
  • State the invoice/debt details clearly in the legal notices

Get Customized Legal Service for debt collection Croatia

 Every case is different in nature as debtor and creditor have a different professional background and the reasons behind disputes also vary. Our associate lawyers do not follow the same approach for all cases but they opt to devise useful plans which are legitimate and fulfill your requirements. They advise you about the best route for debt recovery Croatia so that the probability of winning the case is higher. They are well-aware about the commercial traditions and legislations of Croatia thus provide customized guidance and legal services to people. Legal attorneys provide assistance as:



  • Professionally deal with debtors on the behalf of creditors
  • Assist creditors to reach out to escaped debtors
  • Maintain cash flow for smooth business operations
  • Negotiate with non-paying Croatian debtors on easy terms
  • Get your overdue payment back under the legal umbrella

When you can hire a Debt Collection Agency?

There are certain checklists that must be cross-checked when leading towards the legal process of debt collection. There are multiple strategies devised to handle debt disputes cordially. However, if the resolution is not sought after negotiations, creditors are allowed to get legal assistance. Before contacting a debt collection agency in Croatia, make sure that your dispute complies with below-listed ones:

  • Invalid cheque and overdue debts 
  • Unsettled billing for the goods or services
  • Empty credits for revenues or amendments
  • Retail disagreements between the stakeholders
  • Illegally modified payments terms transaction agents 


Croatian Debt Collection Methodologies

Jurisdictive and extra jurisdictive debt collections are the two techniques used for bad debt recovery in Croatia. Negotiation is the first step in both procedures. If table talks fail to settle the dispute then legal actions are taken against the debtor. A detailed description of both methodologies is given below:

Extrajudicial Collection

It is the most useful way of recovering unpaid invoices and bills. In this process, negotiations are done between both parties. Our associate lawyers draft a letter to demands payments and send it by post, fax, or email, fax. They also visit the debtor to communicate with them on legal grounds for debt collection Croatia. If the debtor is facing a financial crisis and unable to pay off the due payments, then creditors are suggested to agree on installment based recovery. This eases both parties so that their disputes are settled out-of-court. If debtors do not respond to reminders in the extrajudicial phase, then the creditor can take legal action.

Judicial Collection

Judicial bad debt recovery is the ultimate way to seek justice. In this process, the European order of payment is used except for individuals belonging from Denmark. Court issue legal notice to the debtor allowing them 30 days to respond to support delayed debts with genuine evidence. If lawyers fail to respond within a month then the court issues final notice and order them to pay off the creditor within a specified period. This legal process is economical but creditors need to be patient as court procedures might be lengthy. Hire our associate lawyers so that they can present you in court.

Get Benefit of our No Win No Fee Policy

If our associate lawyers are unable to collect your due invoices and debts then you will not be liable to pay their fee. This is according to our “No Win No Fee” rule. Our main aim is to save you money whatever the situation is but still, we cannot guarantee outcomes. Our associate legal attorneys think out of the box and devise plans to get your money back on legal grounds. If they fail to assist you in recovering your outstanding payments from Croatian debtors then they will not ask for their service charges.

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