Debt collection Ethiopia

Dubai Debt Recovery operates a worldwide specialist International debt collections service. We have an associate team of local associates and fully expert international debt collection agency partners in almost every country worldwide. All our international debt collection agency partners and offices operate on a No Win No Fee basis charging an agreed commission against the amount recovered only. The process of debt collection starts right after our partners send a debt collection letter to declare their presence and introduce their involvement. We deal with Business Business debt recovery cases and Business Consumer debt collections cases. There’s different content for business-to-business debt collection letter templates and business-to-consumer debt collection letter templates. Hire the best ethiopian lawyers in addis ababa today. 
It is always recommended to access an agency that has local sources all across the world instead of selecting a debt collection agency that has offices only in the UK or elsewhere.

Specialist Debt Recovery Experts | Ethiopian lawyers in addis ababa

There are many unique requirements to recovering international debts altogether countries including Ethiopia. Dubai Debt recovery differs from the opposite western country debt collection agency services and thus it is vital that cases are handled directly by our expert international debt collection agencies. This method of international debt collection sets dubaidebtrecovery.com aside from the competition who in many cases plan to bad debt recovery from a Dubai debt collector only. Using the local offices and partners enables us to understand a far greater success rate and our No Win No Fee service alongside competitive commission rates against amount recovered only ensures you get the only service. Hire the best ethiopian lawyers in addis ababa today. 

Reason for choosing Us

1- Local cultures & Languages
2. Initiating debt recovery letters and processes
4. Legislation

Coverage in Ethiopia by ethiopian lawyers in addis ababa

Ethiopia has 9 regional states along with 2 chartered cities, capital city is Addis Ababa. Our associate partner office is in Addis Ababa means that we are centrally located to recover debts throughout all of Ethiopia.

Local Experience

As compared to our competitors we deal with cases with the assistance of our local associate partner. The main reason behind this is the language spoken by our associate partner is usually the same as spoken by the debtors in Ethiopia, in the case of Ethiopia mostly Oromo is spoken almost by 33% and Amharic by 29% of the population. These are reasons why Dubai Debt Recovery is the ideal people to help you in collecting debts from overseas. 

Judicial procedure for debt recovery

As for as judicial procedure is concerned, it is indeed a time and energy-consuming activity. Due to the critical law and order situation in Ethiopia, acquiring justice by means of judicial proceedings is indeed very tough. So proceeding with judicial proceedings is not recommended at all.  One and the only possibility is to move toward an out-of-court settlement. Taking both debtor and creditor to a point of consensus is always our priority. This will be fruitful for both stakeholders. Costs – No Win No Fee – Hire the best ethiopian lawyers in addis ababa today. 

Trust of the client is usually our preference, keeping in sight the financial constraints thanks to debt, and we attempt to facilitate our client by offering services on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, we will charge commission right after making recovery only.