Debt Collection Greece

Are you facing issues in collecting your overdue payments in Greece? The debt collection process in Greece is not a one hour task but it might require multiple days and months of struggle. Getting due payments back is a time-consuming job that requires efforts and patience.


The behavior of Greek residents and venture capitalist is one of the hardest things to manage. Creditors have to make multiple efforts to get their money back. Get help from our associate lawyers for legal services and debt collection in Athens, Heraklion, Chania, Patras, Thiva, Corinth, Ioannina, Nafplion, Thessaloniki, and Rethimno.

 International Debt Collection Agency in Greece

 If you are planning to establish a company in Greece, then you must be aware that you will have to deal with people from multiple states with cultural differences. Greek business practices, trade customs, commercial rules and regulations, and civil laws are different from the entire world. 


The language barriers give people a tough time to deal with debtors. Our associate debt collection agency in Greece saves you from wasting your time and pointless efforts. Legal attorneys have associate Greek specialists who deal with clients on your behalf to make them pay quickly.

 Professional Behavior of Greek Businessmen


Following are the major reasons which make debt recovery Greece a difficult job:


  • Greek debtors are considered the worst payers in Europe
  • Greeks expect others to be punctual for appointments 
  • Residents of Greece are always late and flexible with time
  • The invoice payment period is 30 days minimum
  • 7 days payment terms are specified for notices

 How Debt Collection experts help you?

Business processes in Greece are slower than you are used to. Bureaucracy and delayed payments are the major issues which make business setup takes longer than expected. Due to the financial crisis of 2009, companies are still suffering which makes them pay the invoices after 100 days.


Hire our associate debt collectors and negotiators to get your money back. They have a high success rate and provide services throughout the region. Best debt collection lawyers in Greek are well-aware of the Greek jurisdiction and experienced in recovering due payments. Their services include:


  • European order for payment
  • Legal advisory and support
  • Formulate terms and conditions
  • Amicable legal collection
  • Devise claim procedures

 Debt Recovery Process in Greece

Our associate debt collection agency in Greece are experienced in dealing with Greek and foreign debtors. They use lawful strategies to make the debtor pay your unpaid invoices on time. Debt collection Greece is divided into two phases. You can consult with a top lawyer in Greece to decide which option you should use


1.     Extrajudicial Debt Recovery 


Best debt collection lawyers in Greece believe in using an extrajudicial process first. In this phase, the court’s invention is not allowed. Lawyers chase the debtor to ensure that disputes are resolved out-of-court. The subsequent steps are followed in the extrajudicial debt collection process:


  • Sending written reminders to debtors
  • Contacting debtors through phone calls
  • Arranging negotiation meetings

 Agreements for easy payment plans are signed in the meeting. Debtors should make sure that they pay off the due amount before the extended deadline reaches. In case they fail to clear the unpaid invoices on time, our associate debt collection agency in Greece announces the legal proceedings.


2.     Judicial Debt Recovery 


For judicial debt collection procedures in Greece, creditors have the option to litigate in their home country or Greece. Following the decisions of the competent court is considered a good choice. You can get legal services from our associate lawyers to file a lawsuit against your debtor.


Using legal procedure is the best option as debt collection Greece is a tough task otherwise. National order for payment, ordinary civil proceedings, and provisional legal measures are the most common legal processes adopted for debt recovery.   

 No Win No Fee Policy

As per our No win No fee policy, our associate law firms and lawyers do not get their service charges if they fail to win the case. In case of successful debt recovery, they take a commission based on the debt amount. However, if they are unsuccessful in collecting your due payments, you will not pay them at all. 

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