Debt Collection Hungary

Are you facing financial issues in Hungary because your Hungarian client is not paying off the debt? Then hire the best lawyer in hungary at affordable prices. You do not need to be worried as our associate debt collection Hungary experts are always ready to help you. They engage with non-paying clients in Hungary and make them pay you debt on time through legal means.

Whether you are in Budapest, Pecs, Debrecen, Szeged, Miskloc, Gyor, Eger, Sopron, Kecskemet, or Szolnok, our associate legal attorneys are a call away. Their expertise and lawful knowledge help them to deal with the cultural and trade norms of Hungary and get your money back.

Professional behavior of Hungarian Clients

 The conduct of Hungarians has deteriorated in the last few years especially when it comes to debt recovery Hungary. The reason is the declined economy of Hungary. Most of the time businesses operating in Hungary face bad debts. It is advised to make a strong debtor policy beforehand to avoid these issues.


  • Payment term of 14 days is devised for reminders
  • Most Hungarian clients do not pay off as per the contract
  • Statuary term for the payment of invoices and debts is 30 days

How and why should you Hire a lawyer in Hungary?

 For recovering outstanding payments, creditors have to deal with different business norms of Hungary and language barriers. Moreover, the legislation of Hungary is different which makes recovering unpaid invoices a challenging task. You can seek guidance from our associate debt collection lawyer for:

  • Amicable and judicial debt collection
  • Legal advisory on general terms and condition
  • European order for payment procedures
  • Small claim process and executing judgments
  • Bad debt prevention and legal support

The specialist registered with our associate debt collection agency also deals with dichotomy terms of business in Hungary. The assist you to go through all the legal matters of your case and guide you about changing business norms of Budapest and other cities of Hungary

How to Recover Debts in Hungary?

Procedures for debt recovery Hungary are divided into two phases. These methodologies are described as:

Extrajudicial debt collection

In the extrajudicial phase of recovering outstanding payments, the negotiations are half between debtor and creditor under legal supervision. Our associate debt collection agency in Hungry assists you to settle the dispute out-of-court. Following are the possibilities of actions carried out in extrajurisdictive debt recovery phase: 


  • Communicating with a non-paying client
  • Sending written demand notices as reminders
  • Settling up payment arrangements 
  • Announcing legal actions against the debtor

Judicial Debt Collection | Lawyers in Hungary

Creditors can start legal proceedings for debt collection Hungary whereas they have the option to litigate in their home country of Hungary. You can make agreements by hiring a lawyer in hungary about the competent court on disputed payment which is known as the choice of forum. Hungarian court is the one that carries out legal proceedings. In Hungary, Order for Payment and Ordinary Civil Proceedings are two legal procedures that are followed in for bad debt recovery. Once the decision is finalized, both parties should follow it. Debtors are advised to pay off the remaining payments to avoid legal accusations in the future

No Win No Fee

As per our No win No Fee policy, if our associate fails to recover your outstanding debts from Hungarian clients, they will not charge you a fee. They try every possible way to get your money back but if they are unsuccessful in recovering your unpaid invoices, you will not be liable to pay their service charges.

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