Debt Collection Iceland

The debt collection process is not as easy as it seems to be. From dealing with the cultural norms of Iceland to the local legislation, you must abide by all the rules to avoid legal accountabilities. Moreover, the policies followed in Iceland are not easy to understand which makes managing legal issues a difficult task. Hire a lawyer online for all your legal matter including Debt Collection Iceland from dubai debt recovery. 

However, are not alone in this as our associate debt collection Iceland attorneys are always there to assist in. They provide legal support in all cities of Iceland including Reykjavik, Akureyri, Selfoss, Vik, Hafnarfjordur, Husavik, Kopavogur, Reykjanesbaer, Seydisfjordur, and Gardabaer.

Suggestion for Dealing with Icelandic Debtor

A debt is every unpaid amount for which a client was liable to pay at a specified time. Whether your clients are delaying paying off the invoices, bills, or the cheque they have provided you is dishonored, you are legally allowed for debt recovery Iceland. However, you must follow lawful ways in this regard



  • Communicate with debtor via fax, email or call them directly
  • Ask about a valid reason behind delayed invoice or debt payment
  • Send legal notices to debtors stating the due date of payments 
  • State the invoice details in the reminder to claim the outstanding debts

Get Benefit of Hiring a Debt Collection Agency

A person who is new to business or facing bad debts for the first time is not well-aware of the legalities associate with their matter. Therefore, our associate debt collection agency is always there to support you. They have a team of experts who are experienced in dealing with non-paying Icelandic clients. They are well-aware of the rules and regulations of Iceland thus help you professionally dealing with the client. You can hand over the dispute along with the contract documents to our associate debt collection lawyer so that they can get the legal paperwork done on your behalf.

Debt Recovery Procedures in Iceland

Following are the two procedures employed for debt recovery Iceland:

Extrajurisdictive Debt Collection

In this phase, both parties negotiate on legal grounds. The meeting is carried out under the supervision of debt collection lawyers. Easy installment plans are devised for debtors facing a financial crisis. If the debtor refuses or delays paying the debt on this page, creditors can request legal actions against them.

Jurisdictive Debt Collection

Judicial debt collection Iceland follows European order for payment procedure. Debtors have 30 days to object to the claim in court on legal grounds. Once the final notice is issued from the court, debtors are liable to pay the debts within the stated period.

Avail Customized Legal Services and Consultancy

Our associate debt collection lawyer knows well about dealing with a debtor to get your concerns fulfilled. Narrate the dispute to our associates and they will guide you about the best route to take your payments back without damaging your business’ repute. You can also get legal consultancy and hire them for consistent support in your legal matters. They are multilingual thus converse with the debtor in their native language to avoid language barriers. Our associate legal attorneys tailor the debt recovery procedure as per the nature of the case.

Our No Win No Fee Strategy

Our associate lawyers and debt collectors try every possible way to get your money back from debtors, However, if our associate debt collection agency fails to recover outstanding debts, then you will be at ease from paying the service charges. As per our No Win No Fee policy, debtors are relieved from lawyers’ fee in unsuccessful debt cases.

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