If debtor in Bavaria is neglecting your calls after crossing the date of reimbursement of payment, then best approach is to search for a debt collection agency Bavaria. Our main focus will be to recover your outstanding amount and we have necessary resources to retrieve your payment. The process of debt collection involves various steps. It starts with approaching German debtor in their native language and use their legislative skills and experiences to force your debtor to pay. Our debt collection agency named dubaidebtrecovery.com is well known debt recovery agency in UAE. Over the years we have extended our network of associate lawyers all around the globe. No matter where the debtor is right now, we on your behalf can pursue the process debt recovery, even your physical presence is not mandatory for this purpose. We have team of associate lawyers all around the Germany that is Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hessen, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland etc. our associate team know how to deal with the debt recovery issues in Germany. Having extensive knowledge and experience of the German legal system, business culture, our team can ensure that our debt collection agency in Bavaria can recover your payment.

Services we offer

  • Telephonic contact with debtor by phone in German
  • Sending demand note in German
  • Making Contact with international bailiffs and private detectives agencies
  • Tailor made business debt collection approach
  • Awareness of legal procedures and authority to implement measures across the Germany
  • Accessing to the biggest national B2B debt collection databases

After acquiring our services, the debt collection process will be done quite easily and rapidly. You can contact us by accessing dubaidebtrecovery.com. The next step is the provision of necessary details about your organization and your debtor’s company.


We are dedicated to resolve cases as quickly as possible. Once you transferred your debt recovery case, we will be at our best to contact your debtor. Your debtor will be approached in their native language. First contact with your debtor will be made by phone second step is to send a payment reminder written in German. Another possibility is to pay visit to your debtor. We have private detectives on board as well; they can gather necessary information about your debtor in Germany whenever necessary. Just in case, debtor still fails to respond, then next approach will be the personal visit of our international bailiffs your debtor anywhere in Bavaria-Germany.

Tracking your case 

You will be regularly updated by our team of associates about the latest development throughout the process. Moreover, relevant associate lawyer will always make contact you via phone or e-mail to keep you well informed on the status of your debt recovery case.

Future Relation with Debtor

In some cases, recovering your payment by means of using extensive measures may not be the most appropriate line of action. We are well aware that with certain customers, it is significant for your company to maintain a long-term relationship. As our German lawyers and specialist are aware with the local culture and business customs, we can proceed further with a customized approach that is suitable for maintaining a strong business relation with your trading partner in future. While transferring your case, you can always make a note of this.

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