If you’re facing debt in Belarus and have a Belarusian debtor who has not paid your invoice? Hiring a debt collection agency in Belarus could also be the simplest solution for you. With a far-off customer, you’ll be confronted with different rules and regulations, different business cultures, and different languages than those you’re wont to. We at dubaidebtrecovery.com with the assistance of our associate lawyers those have the knowledge, experience, and resources to assist you in the retrieval of your Belarusian debt.

Debt Collection Agency In Belarus

Outstanding invoices are often extremely complicated and take tons of your time and energy to retrieve. To gather your debt from Belarusian, we’ll always contact your debtor first. We’ll contact your debtor by post and can call your Belarusian debtor on your behalf, requesting your debtor to pay. This is often also referred to as pre-legal debt recovery, as we don’t involve the court at this stage.
• Our specialists will deal with your debtor in very professional manner.
• We ask your debtor in their own language, making your debtor more cooperative
• We have contacts with international bailiffs and private detectives as well.
• Customized approach for your debt recovery in Belarus
• Access to the most important debt collection databases
• Experience within the local business culture

Because our international debt collection lawyers in Belarus are conversant in the local rules, regulations, and trading traditions, our lawyers are considered together of the foremost successful debt collection agencies in Belarus.

How to proceed with pending debt in Belarus?

Step-1: Sending a friendly reminder informing your customer about unpaid invoices.
Step-2: Calling your customer and ask them why the invoice has not been paid.

Note: If you’re unsure on how you ought to call your debtor, then read our recommendations on calling debtors.
Step-3: Sending a transparent demand letter during which you state that the customer is given a final opportunity to pay. Also indicate that legal grounds are open to battle with debtor if the debtor refuses to comply.

Extrajudicial Debt Collection In Belarus

The debt collection procedure in Belarus is often divided into two phases. 

In the extrajudicial phase we collect without the intervention of the court, within the judicial phase we include the court to retrieve your Belarusian debt. As a debt collection agency and firm in Belarus, we will assist you in both phases. Our start line is to always start the debt collection procedure within the extrajudicial phase, by sending a payment reminder and by calling your debtor.

Feasibility study

If your debtor refuses to pay during the extrajudicial phase and if calling and sending demand letters haven’t any effect, we will attend court in consultation with you. Before doing so, we’ll conduct a feasibility study to work out whether legal proceedings are beneficial for your organization or not. We’ll always inform you on the possible costs and can only start legal proceedings after receiving your consent.

Judicial Debt Collection In Belarus

When we take action against your Belarusian customer, there are several local debt collection procedures that we will deploy. Counting on your specific case, our debt collection lawyers will investigate which procedure is suitable for your debt collection case.

Our debt collection lawyers will first determine the competent court and therefore the applicable law. Supporting these factors, we’ll determine the foremost appropriate course of action while assuring you that the simplest debt collection specialist is assigned to your case.

Win-Win Situation in Debt Collection

During the extrajudicial phase, we work on the policy of No-Win No-Fee. If we don’t collect, then you don’t have to pay any fee. You simply pay a fee once we’ve collected the whole claim. We attempt to recover this fee from the debtor the maximum amount as possible.