Debt collection in Brunei

dubaidebtrecovery.com is known as the fastest associate debt recovery agency in the Middle East, serving for more than 20 years in the field of financial disputes. Over the period dubaidebtrecovery.com has extended its network of associate lawyers from top law firm in brunei throughout the world. No matter in which city your debtor is residing at the moment, we will negotiate with him on your behalf to reach a point of consensus. It will be the primary responsibility of our Associate Lawyer to settle the matter without the involvement of the court because once the case was taken to the court, it will consume much time and money.

Steps a Creditor Should Take:-

  • Accumulating info about your debtor’s residence and phone number and bank details if possible.
  • Gaining the mandatory documentation that supports your claim of debt in compliance with the legal procedure set by the authorities of Brunei.
  • Preparing agreement including g terms and conditions related to the debt recovery
  • Try to Bill as earlier as possible and also send invoices using digital way.

Action to Take, Once due date crossed:

  • Making contact with debtor and conduct the conversation carefully.
  • Send the debtor formal notice in form of letter demanding for the reimbursement of debt

Extra Judicial debt recovery in Brunei | Top law firm in Brunei

The best approach is considered to be out of court settlement for both parties. It is indeed a rapid and economical initiative for all stake holders. Both parties know the legal proceedings have its own side effects on both creditor and debtor so its ultimately the priority of them to reach to a point of settlement right before the case became submitted in the court. It is duty of associate lawyers to convince the creditor as well. The rapid procedural movement of the debt recovery is only possible right after acquiring the services of the deb t collection agency. dubaidebtrecovery.com has more than 20 years of experience to its name and operates on the NO WIN NO FEE policy from the top law firm in brunei, which means that, if due to certain circumstances, debt collection agency failed to recover the desired amount, then they will not claim single penny despite of their efforts in form of energy and time. This is a kind of guarantee that attract the clients that ultimately they are not losing anything in case they want to proceed with dubaidebtrecovery.com for the recovery of their debt.

Extra judicial debt recovery includes the contact by debt recovery on the behalf of the client, leading further toward sending written reminders and negotiations in the presence of creditor. Discussing the side effects of judicial proceedings in front of debtor. Every debt collection agency has its own techniques but they are not allowed to use any means that are considered as breach to law.

Judicial Debt collection

Once debt collection agency have utilized all of its techniques to sort its matter outside the court, but still debtor avoids paying back the due amount then the case will be presented to the court under the guidance of out associate lawyers in Brunei, they will be there to represent yourself in front of court. Our associate lawyers have necessary knowledge and practice to deal with such cases.

If you are facing any pending any debt or overdue invoices then feel free to contact us via dubaidebtrecovery.com  

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