Debt Collection in Bulgaria

Are you facing issues in dealing with your non-paying Bulgarian debtor? Issue with debt collection Bulgaria? This is due to the indifferent cultural norms of Bulgaria. Everyone is not aware of how to deal with business owners and individuals in case of recovering unpaid bills bounced Cheques and overdue debts from Bulgarian clients.

Whether you want to recover debts from another business or individuals in Bulgaria, our associate debt collection Bulgaria experts are always ready to help you. They assist people in recovering their outstanding debts in Sofia, Verna, Plovdiv, Burgas, Pleven, Stara Zagora, Vidin, Vratsa, Sliven, and Veliko Tarnovo.

Debt does not only refer to money you lend to other but it also incorporates the unpaid service charges. If you have provided goods and service on credit to a client and they deny paying your afterward then these payments are also considered as bad debt.

Suggestions for Initial Course of Actions for overdue debts:

 Dealing with non-paying clients in Bulgaria is a tricky process especially when you are not well aware of the cultural and legal terms of the state. You should always take a legal route for bad debt recovery in Bulgaria to avoid getting notices from the court.  Below are a couple of suggestions prescribed for creditors for initiating the course of action for recovering unpaid invoices and debts:


  • Start with negotiations, do not rush into taking legal actions against debtors
  • Communicate with the debtor to ask about your overdue payments
  • Remind them about the deadlines of unpaid invoices and debts
  • Send regular notices by stating the information about payments
  • Collect details about debtor as they will help you in legal procedures

 If your debtor does not respond to your reminders or denies paying off your debt, then you can hand over your issue to our associate lawyer for resolution. 

Why you should contact Debt Collection Agency?

Corporate organizations usually make a team of internal employees and give them the task of recovering overdue payments from clients. However, this practice does not work as they are not aware of the rules and regulations of Bulgaria. Any illegal step might take them behind the bars.

Get a consultation from a debt collection agency in Bulgaria or you can also hire them to until you get your money back. They connect you with the best debt collectors who work professionally so that all the terms are met. They also complete the paperwork and collect the details about the debtor on your behalf.

Process for Debt collection Bulgaria

Debt recovery Bulgaria is divided into two methods. One is followed to resolve the dispute without court intervention to avoid facing legal allegations. Whereas, if the debtor does not pay off, then creditors can head to court to seek justice. Following is the detailed description of both techniques for debt collection:

Non-Jurisdictive Debt Recovery

This technique is known to be finest for bad debt recovery in Bulgaria. In the extrajudicial debt collection procedure, conciliation between both parties is carried out as:


  1. The debtor is reminded about the due payments
  2. Legal notices are sent to the debtor to claim overdue payments 
  3. The debtor is allowed to ask for proof about unpaid invoices
  4. Negotiate with the debtor in a meeting under the supervision of a legal attorney
  5. The debtor provides a genuine reason behind the delayed payments
  6. Creditors can agree for installment plans for recovery to ease the debtor
  7. Time limit is specified for installments and complete payment plans

Jurisdictive Debt Recovery

The judicial procedure for debt collection Bulgaria involves Court intervention. Judicial bodies are involved so that the dispute between creditor and debtor is resolved legally. Creditors file a lawsuit against the debtor to claim their payment.Debtors are liable to pay off the money as per the terms of legal notices. If they fail to claim their financial issues in the court for delayed or unpaid invoices, then they face legal allegations. Debtors can appeal the decision if they have genuine reason unless they are accountable to pay the creditor on time.

No Win No Fee Policy

Our No Win No Fee plan is devised to help creditors if our associate attorneys fail to recover their payments. They try every possible way to get your money back. In some cases, if they are unsuccessful in recovering your overdue debts, then you will not pay their service charges.

Get Customized Legal Advisory in Debt Disputes

Debt disputes range from minor payments to six-digit figures. Settling disputes is always a preferred way to retain a relationship with the client. Business experts suggest that you should get legal advisory to evaluate whether the debt recovery Bulgaria procedures are useful in your matter or not. If the debt amount is a small percentage of your business income then letting go is the right option. However, if the debt affects the financial statistics of a firm then business owners should get legal assistance to recover their money.

Our associate legal consultants educate people about the legal aspects of their matters and advise about the chances of winning the case. They instruct the people what will be a better route for recovering their outstanding debt from a non-paying Bulgarian customer while keeping the business terms in place.

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