Debt Collection in Germany

Did you know that debtors may instead of creditors benefit from debt recovery in Germany? You can get the money you are due by hiring a local attorney who is familiar with German debt collection laws and procedures. Our selected attorneys can resolve your debt collection matters in Germany on a No Cure No Pay basis because of their native German-speaking expertise. Our attorneys can also provide you with detailed information regarding pertinent German debt collection laws and procedures, such as the Mahnverfahren or Klageverfahren if your case is particularly difficult. We won’t allow your debtor to get away with non-payment when our German Desk is on your side, and we’ll handle your debt collection in Germany as quickly and effectively as we can.

In Germany, recover your unpaid debts in 7 easy steps


Step 1: You can send your claim here with ease. You only need to submit your identity, that of your debtor, and data regarding your outstanding invoice in Germany.


Step 2: The first demand letter, or Mahnschreiben, will be sent by your German caseworker. This will be tailored to your situation and written in German.

Step 3: We begin our research by looking up local databases like the Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur GmbH and foreign credit reports. In this approach, the reason the invoice wasn’t paid is clear. This also aids in the definition of our strategy.



Step:4 Your German caseworker will get in touch with you. Depending on whether you prefer a firm or gentle approach, we modify our plan.

Step 5: We’re about to begin if your German debtor doesn’t reply to the Mahnschreiben. We continue to work hard after this. We will make phone and email calls to your debtor. We converse with your debtor, which catches them off guard and prevents any misunderstandings.

Step 6: We can also pay a visit to your German debtor. It is possible for us to investigate your debtor further due to our connections throughout Germany and our private investigators.

Step 7: Without the need for court involvement, 95% of our cases are resolved extrajudicially. We can collect your claim using the knowledge of our native in-house professionals and the many tools we have prepared for your German debtor. In collaboration with you, we can proceed to the legal phase if your debtor declines to pay or contests the claim. We thoroughly examine your options and potential costs before doing so.

No Win No Fee Debt Collection Agency

You are in a far better position than when working with a standard debt collection agency in Germany when you choose No Win No Fee debt collection. Anything you can do yourself, a conventional German debt collecting firm cannot. You pay DDR the price of a typical German debt collection agency for the caliber of a debt collection attorney.

Legislation in Germany for debt collection

We can take your case to court in consultation with you if your debtor refuses to pay during the extrajudicial phase. We constantly take into account the plan that will give you the best possibility of success. For instance, if your business is located abroad and you have a German debtor, our German lawyer will assist you in getting in touch with your debtor. The optimal course of action for your legal actions will be decided in tandem by our German attorney and a lawyer from your nation. Our attorneys can assist in starting the following processes due to the many rules, regulations, and statutes of limitations in Germany:

Mahnverfahren Procdure

For uncontested claims, there is an expedited process called the Mahnverfahren. It is renowned for its quickness, ease, and affordability. You can get an enforcement order (Vollstreckungsbescheid) that requires the debtor to cover both your claim and the court fees in a reasonably short amount of time. Only a few weeks remain for your debtor to file an appeal. If that doesn’t happen, the payment order becomes enforceable and the judgement is still upheld.

Klageverfahren Process

We recommend commencing with the Klageverfahren, a standard legal procedure, in contested matters. Both parties are required to verify their claims with proof. A decision will be reached by the court following one or more hearings.

Frequently asked questions about debt recovery in Germany

How much does a debt collecting lawsuit cost in Germany?

In Germany as well, we operate on a No Cure No Pay premise for all out-of-court matters. Only a few Euro are spent on research expenses. Our goal is to have your debtor pay back the principal amount plus interest and fees. We switch to an hourly or fixed charge if you choose to file a lawsuit against your debtor. Before taking any action, we will talk with you first and have no hidden fees.

How will you get in touch with my German creditor?

We will always call and send a letter of initial demand to your debtor. Most significantly, we communicate with your debtor in German through our native lawyers. By doing this, any linguistic and cultural obstacles are removed.

How long does it typically take in Germany to recover a debt?

It depends on the debtor and each circumstance. The phase of peaceful debt collection is where we always begin. Due to the small amount of time we give your debtor to finish the payment, this process is quick. Your caseworker will give you a rough timeline when they begin working on your case. The debt collecting procedure takes longer if legal action is required. Court cases and defenses asserted by the debtor determine the length. The duration of legal proceedings in Germany may be shorter than in other European nations.

When is a debt collecting matter brought before a judge?

Our preferred method of collecting your claim is without a judge’s involvement. Consequently, we always begin a collection in a friendly manner. If this has no impact, we move forward with legal action. However, we never take action without first getting your approval.

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