Debt Recovery In India

Due to the rising amount of debt, businesses all over the world are experiencing extraordinary financial difficulties that could be disastrous for their operations. Debt collection is a difficult and time-consuming procedure that can prevent firms from achieving important corporate objectives. In order to have appropriate solutions for debt recovery and increase cash flow in their business, organizations outsource receivables to debt recovery agencies to address this issue. One of the top debt collection businesses, DDR specializes in offering debt recovery services to clients in India and beyond. We have a staff of committed experts with decades of experience in B2B debt collecting all across the world. We work in all  parts of the India like Mumbai,Bengaluru,Kolkata,Ahmedabad,Hyderabad,Chennai,Jaipur,Mumbai,Bengaluru,Kolkata,Ahmedabad,Hyderabad,Chennai,Jaipur and etc.

Our strategies and tactics for collecting debt

    • We pursue debt recovery using a tactful yet aggressive strategy without endangering our clients’ ongoing business relationships with their debtors.
    • We put a lot of effort into finding cooperative and cost-effective alternatives for our clients.
    • We place the utmost importance on dispute identification, notification, and resolution.
    • To settle disagreements and concerns, we collaborate closely with the client.
    • We keep a close eye on how the solutions we come up with are being put into practice.
    • In our interactions with clients and their debtors, we always practice professionalism.
    • To maintain attention on the collecting procedure, we designate a dedicated client support representative.
Debt Collection In India

Our debt collection procedures involve tracking down the debtors, checking their current location and status, keeping in touch with them frequently, and setting up in-person meetings to negotiate an amicable settlement using tried-and-true negotiation techniques. We do this with the help of following things.


  • Bringing parties to the table for negotiations.
  • Recognizing the issues.
  • Setting up facts.
  • Clarifying problems
  • constructing settlement possibilities
  • Obtaining the Debtor’s signed acknowledgment as proof of your final agreement.
  • Maintain your relationship with your clients.

Commercial Debt Recovery

  • Unpaid export and import invoices
  • Defaulted service invoices
  • non-shipment or unreturned advance payments
  • Breach of sales and service agreements and contracts

Consumer Debts

  • worldwide credit cards
  • hospital and medical expenses abroad
  • Overdrawn balances at foreign banks
  • Unpaid tuition and rentals for education
  • Unpaid hotel and telephone bills
  • salary disparity

Global Network

We have a demonstrated track record of successfully assisting creditors manage their past-due invoices/debts, credits, and receivables, wherever they are located, as a long-standing member of the prestigious DDR debt collection agency, the world’s largest and most extensive global network of collection agencies. DDR has access to the knowledge of numerous affiliates and/or representatives from other countries with whom we frequently communicate. This guarantees that all of our clients’ concerns and inquiries—from recovering unpaid accounts to enhancing cash flow and lowering delinquencies—get the best possible answers. We help all kinds of businesses and industries with debt recovery because we are a reputable global leader in debt collection. We are a reputable international leader in debt recovery, working with all kinds of businesses and industries.

About US

Our company is distinctive, and the strategy we employ is distinctive and has been tested over time. Being a debt collection service, we appreciate the need to keep professional relationships and therefore engage in conversations with the debtors that successfully collect a debt.


In order to assist B2B Businesses with their bad debt collection needs, DDR, a global debt collector, adheres to internationally defined fair debt collection practise, ensures to safeguard the debt owner’s rights, and follows the debtors ethically and professionally within the legal framework. DDR also helps B2B Businesses streamline their operations by improving cash flows and provides them with assistance to effectively manage their debts.


Debt collection is a specialty field that calls for in-depth knowledge, skill, and original approaches. To spare your important time and resources and focus on your business, it is always better to hire a professional debt collector.


Expert Debt Recovery Services are offered by DDR Associates at a very affordable cost in India.There are no upfront costs, file insertion fees, or additional costs of any kind. (Our team is always available to answer your questions and provide additional information and explanation.)

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