Debt Collection Ireland

The increased number of corporate firms operating for debt collection in Ireland has always required legal assistance. Whether it is their internal dispute or they are facing problems while dealing with Irish customers, getting services from legal attorneys has always been a useful practice. Do not get worried if you face any financial issues in Ireland. Our associate debt collection Ireland experts are there to assist you wherever you are in Ireland. You can get the best legal service in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Belfast, Waterford, Kilkenny, Londonderry, Killarney, Kinsale and other cities of Ireland.

Get Legal Assistance from Debt Collection Ireland Lawyer

To claim outstanding debts from an Irish client, you can get support of our associate debt collection lawyer. We have a registered ream of legal experts who are well-aware about the rules and regulations of dealing with a non-paying client. They get your money back while maintaining your business repute

      • The policies of Ireland are different from the ones you are used to. Dealing in a country when you do not know the laws is a tricky task. Any wrong act would make you deal with legal allegations from the debtor. Following are the matters where you can get the assistance from a 
    debt collection lawyer:

Why do you need a debt collection Agency?

Our associate debt collection agency has many experts in contact so that they can assist you to hire the best debt collection Ireland professionals to deal with your case. Get a brief insight into why you should choose a legal attorney for dealing with bad debt issues:


  • Avail bespoken debt recovery services in Ireland
  • Get legal Advisory for dealing with non-paying clients
  • Overcome language barrier by hiring a multilingual lawyer
  • Legal attorneys settle the dispute under the legal umbrella 
  • Solicitors are aware of local trade culture thus manage accordingly

Debt Recovery Procedures in Ireland

Debt collection is not a straightforward process in Ireland. But it involves many liabilities. You have to abide by the local laws when dealing with debtor to avoid legal accusations. The methodologies followed for bad debt collection in Ireland include:

Extrajudicial Debt Recovery

In this process of debt recovery Ireland, the dispute is settled out-of-court. Both parties negotiate in a meeting under the supervision of a legal attorney. The debts are divided into easy installment plans so that no one faces the loss.

Extrajudicial Debt Recovery

Jurisdictive debt collection Ireland involves court intervention. European order of payment proceedings is used for EU member (except Denmark). Court issues a 30 days’ notice for debtor to file their claims. If they fail to appear in court, a final notice is issued stating the date of payment otherwise the debtor faces legal charges.

No Win No Fee Plan

If you do not get your outstanding payments back from your debtor then our associate law firms offer you a ‘No Win No Fee’ plan. According to which they will not charge you our service fee on case failure. It is devised to ease the creditors who are facing financial issues.

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