Debt Collection in Italy

Recovery of your unpaid debt from clients can affect your business. Our associates debt collection agency is here for you. We help you to get your invoices legally in time without wasting money. Looking for debt collection in Italy? Having difficulties getting your debt back? Fear not whether your debtor is in Rome, Venice, or Milan we are here for you. Find answers to all the questions that you have about debt collection. So first about debt collection in Italy is that Italians are the worse when it comes to on-time debt payment. They may exceed the deadline of even 100 days. Sounds crazy right? To avoid this you must be familiar with the debt collection procedure.

We offer debt collection in Italy.

Not only you need to be aware of trading traditions and customs but the different legislation applies in Italy. If this is an international debt collection you always need to be in contact with specialists to get your debtor to pay without minimum time consumption.

Why you should contact us?

The Italian companies have a certain payment pattern. They would either place a statutory term of payment of invoices in 30 days or the payment period may increase about 100 days. Moreover, a payment term of 7 days is common in case of reminders.

As mentioned earlier you need to contact a specialist which can also be a lawyer. No, you do not have to go to it Italy the world has globalized now you simply need to email the right firm, in this case, dubaidebtreocvery.com through email. Our associate debt collection agency have a vast knowledge regarding the rules and regulations in Italy and can better handle your debtor.

However, it is hard it should also be kept in mind that there are attached advantages to consulting our associate lawyers in this whole debt recovery scenario. We not only provide the best advice but also deliver in the court if need be.

Debt collection in Italy’s procedure

As part of the debt recovery in italy procedure there are two major phases to it:

  1. Extrajudicial procedure
  2. Judicial debt collection

● Extrajudicial procedure

In the former procedure, the debtor is approached without the intervention of a court. If he still does not pay the case is then taken to court which leads us to our second phase.

There are several steps involved to go about the extrajudicial procedure. Writing letters and phone calls is the most rudimentary of these steps. This is as simple as it sounds. Just by contacting the debtor, we request him to pay all your money along with interests and costs.
Once this is done by your lawyer he will proceed to make arrangements for the outstanding payment from your debtor. Having a lawyer that is accustomed to Italian negotiation techniques and speaks fluent Italian is very much advisable. Once the debtor agrees with the arrangement he is In fact acknowledging that he is indebted which is very helpful if he backs out later. So the arrangement does not leave a loophole.

● Judicial procedure

The next step is the announcement of legal proceedings. Don’t get overwhelmed by the word legal it is not as complicated as it sounds. This announcement is made in case the debtor refuses to pay. This is a kind of warning and usually works well in Italy. In these proceedings, you further have two options: order for payment and ordinary civil proceedings. Sounds difficult? Well, we know what is going on just have some faith.
Order for payment involves a provisionally enforceable judgment by the court which tells the debtor to pay within 40 day period. If the debtor brings forward his defense instead of paying we would naturally resort to civil proceedings.

Why not common civil proceedings?

In civil proceedings, if a debtor chooses to dispute your claim ordinary civil proceedings can occur. These proceedings are hard as they require witnesses, hearings, and a lot of time. It also requires justification of the claim with testimony which makes things further complicated. But our lawyers will try everything to save your time and money and in case of no win, there is no fee.

International laws – Debt recovery in Italy

Two other procedures are acceptable as international laws. These are the European Payment Order Procedure and the Small Claims Procedure. The small claims procedure is better suited for small claims for instance up to €5,000. The European Payment Order is only applied in the case of undisputed claims.

No Win No Fee

If still your debtor refused to pay your invoice then we will not charge you our fee. Our main motive is to save your money. Hence we have the “No Win No Fee” rule for you so that if in case you are losing your money from the debtor’s side then we will cancel our fee. We will try every level to get your invoices so that you don’t have to face this situation otherwise “No Win No Fee” may comfort you a little bit.

We care for our clients therefore we have a “No Win No Fee” rule for you. This is because sometimes your debtor won’t give your payments so we don’t want you to overburden you with our fee. Hence, we make it easier for our customers who are already facing debt issues.


It is evident from the above information that in Italy you cannot face a court hearing without a lawyer and if you need debt recovery our firm will assist you at every step with the clear cut policy of no fee in no-win.

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