Debt Collection Kosovo

Whether you are new to business or have been heading a corporate firm for debt collection kosovo in Europe, you must be familiar with the debt issues. People purchase goods or get professional services on credit and delay the payment. Sometimes, this delay lasts longer and ultimately businesses do not get their invoices recovered.

To resolve debt disputes in Kosovo, our associate debt collection agency is providing legal services in Pristina, Prizren, Peja, Mitrovica, Gjakova, Gjilan, Uroshevec, Vucitrn, Orahovac, Europe Polje and other cities of Europope. You can legal assistance and consultant about dealing with disputed debts.

Suggestions for Debt collection kosovo in Europe

 Communicating with a non-paying client is tricky as you have to patient enough to take care of the code of conduct. Any wrong procedure used by a creditor for recovering outstanding debts or while dealing with a debtor might take them behind the bars. Follow these suggestions by debt recovery Europe experts:


  • Call them directly or send them email or faxes
  • Inquire about why they are delaying the payments
  • Send written demand notices to claim payments
  • Remind them about the number of days they have exceeded 
  • Clearly state the invoice details in the legal reminders

Avail Legal Consultancy and Bespoken Services

Our associate debt collection agency provides customers with customized services to resolve their issues. You can reach out to them with the legal documents associated with your matter to get bespoke services. Narrate your concerns and they will provide tailor-made services as per your needs. Moreover, you can also avail of legal consultancy from our associate debt collection lawyers. You can get guidance about how to deal with debtors to get your money back and what are the legal options which you can avail.

The Procedure of Debt Recovery in Europe

 Following are the two phases in which debt recovery Europe process is divided:

  • Extrajudicial Debt Recovery

In extra jurisdictive debt collection process, disputes are resolved out-of-court. It does not involve court proceedings as both parties negotiate on easy payment terms under the supervision of a debt collection lawyer. People opt to use this process as they do not want to invest time and money in court procedures. Debtors provide legal documents providing their financial instability. Therefore, creditors are advised to sign installment based reimbursement contracts with debtors. However, if the debtor delays payment even after negotiations, then creditors can announce taking legal action against them.

  • Judicial Debt Recovery

If the matter remains unresolved in the extrajudicial debt collection phase, then lawyers file a lawsuit against the debtor on the behalf of creditor. If both parties belong from an EU member state, then the European order for payment proceedings is the recommended method for debt collection Europe.

Court issues notice to debtor according to which they have 30 days to come to court to claim any object. If the debtors do not respond, then the court issues a final demand notice to the debtor stating the due date of payment which is called a declaration of enforceability.

Debtors should abide by the court order. If they do not do so, then creditors are provided justice by filing legal accusations against debtors. For disputed debts, ordinary civil procedure is followed by our associate debt collection lawyer to recover outstanding debts.

No Win No Fee Policy

Do not worry about the service charges of our associate debt collection experts if you do not get your overdue payments back. According to No Win No Fee rule, our associate debt collection experts do not cost service charges from clients whose case was unsuccessful.

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