Debt Collection Latvia

Are you facing issues while recovering outstanding debt collection Latvia? Well, there is no need to worry anymore as our associate law firms are there to assist you. Whether you want to recover unpaid invoices, bills, overdue debts, or dishonored Cheques, they will support you under the legal umbrella.

Our associate debt collection agency is providing debt recovery services in Riga, Liepaja, Daugavpils, Jurmala, Ventspils, Jelgava, Valmiera, Cesis, Rezekne, Jekabpils, and other cities of Latvia. They will support you to recover commercial debts in Latvia as per the rules and regulations of the state.

No Win No Fee Debt Recovery Policy

Our lawyers try every possible way to get your payments back. However, in some cases, if they fail to recover the debt then you will be relieved from their services charges as per No Win No Fee policy. Our associate legal attorneys do not charge a fee from the clients whose case is not resolved as per their concerns.

How to contact with a Debt collection Latvia?

Following are the suggestions for reaching out to a non-paying for debt collection Latvia:

  • Contact them through call, email or fax
  • Inquire about the reason behind the delayed payment
  • Send legal notices to claim overdue debts
  • Remind them about the expected date of payment
  • State the invoice details in the demand notice

Knowledge of Local Laws and Customs

Seeking assistance from a debt collection lawyer is beneficial as they are well-aware of the local laws. Their extensive experiences of dealing with debtors are the reason behind their increased success rate. They will help you to communicate with Latvian debtor to remove language barriers. While dealing with a non-paying client on your own, you might be unaware of the professional culture and traditions of Latvia. Debt collection specialists ensure that both parties fulfill their responsibilities thus ultimately get their rights under legal terms.

Debt Collection Techniques in Latvia

Debt recovery Latvia does not start with legal proceedings. It is divided into two phases so that if the dispute is not settled through negotiations, then creditors can go to court to seek justice. The details about debt recovery procedures followed in Latvia are:

  • Extrajudicial Debt Collection

Extrajudicial debt recovery phase does not involve court intervention. In this process, both parties negotiate in easy terms out-of-court. If the debtor refuses to pay after the negotiated contractual terms, then creditors are allowed to announce taking legal actions against the debtor by hiring a lawyer.

  • Judicial Debt Collection

In Latvia, European order for payment proceedings is used to recover the debt if both parties belong from EU Member state (except Denmark), Court issues a 30 days’ legal notice to the debtor. Debtors can come to court with evidence that they are facing financial instability thus unable to pay off the debt.On no response, the final order of payment which is called a declaration of enforceability is issued which states the due date of reimbursement. For disputed debt recovery Latvia issues, ordinary civil procedures are used.

Get Customized Services from Debt Collection Agency

Get Customized Services from Debt Collection You can get legal consultancy from our associate debt collection agencies in Latvia. They guide you about the legal procedures for recovering outstanding payments in Latvia. You can also hire them for legal assistance for dealing with the legalities of debt collection Latvia to meet your concerns.

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