Debt Collection Macedonia

 Debt is the amount of money you owe from any business or consumer. Most of the time businesses sell their services and goods on credit for which the buyer is confined to clear the invoice on time. If they delay the payment or refuse to pay them even after the due date, it becomes a debt.

Sometimes, debt leads a company to financial crisis especially when they are fully dependent on the sale and do not have prior profits being a new company. Therefore, debts need to be recovered on time. Moreover, one should be aware that claiming debt recovery Macedonia is limited to a specific period.

Do not worry if you are new to business or facing debts for the first time. Our debt collection experts in Skopje, Bitola, Ohrid, Veles, Tetovo, Prilep, Strumica, Struga, Kumanovo, Kavadartsi, and other cities of Macedonia are available round the clock to assist you to recover outstanding payments.

How to deal with a Non-Paying Client?

 One must seek professional advice from a debt collection lawyer dealing with debtor. It requires patience while communicating with them to avoid any legal charges. Debtors also have some rights in which you must take care otherwise they can file a lawsuit against you and you would not be able to get your money back. Follow the below-mentioned suggestions if you are dealing with Macedonian debtors on your own: 


  • Call them directly or send email or fax
  • Inquire about the delayed payments or debt
  • Send written demand notices to claim payments
  • State the due date of payments in reminders
  • Mention invoice details in the legal notices

Hire a Debt Collection Agency in Macedonia

The trade culture and traditions of Macedonia are not similar to the others followed in the global world. To deal with Macedonian debtors in a professional way, you should get services from our associate debt collection agency. They are well-aware of the rules and regulations thus deal in a professional way. Legal attorneys put pressure on the debtor within the limits and make them pay your debt on time. You do not have to go through the legal matter on your own as they complete the legal liabilities on your behalf. Experts from our associate debt collection agency are experienced in dealing with Macedonian debtors.

Debt Collection Procedures in Macedonia

The process of debt recovery Macedonia is divided into two stages which include:

  • Extrajudicial Debt Recovery

This process involves out-of-court dispute settlement. A debt collection specialist arranges a meeting between both parties. Debtors and creditors negotiate on easy payment terms so that no one faces financial instability. Lawyers can also announce taking legal actions against the debtor to make them pay faster.

  • Judicial Debt Recovery

If extrajudicial debt collection Macedonia does not works, then creditors file a lawsuit. Court follows the European order for payment proceedings for people belonging to EU states. The debtor should abide by the court orders and pay the debt as per the legal notice otherwise they will face legal accusations.

No Win No Fee Plan

As per our No Win No Fee strategy, if our associate legal attorneys fail to get your money back from the non-paying client, then you will not be liable to pay their service charges. This is a favor to you in case you do not get outstanding payments back after hiring our associate debt collection lawyer.

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