Debt Collection Malawi

dubaidebtrecovery.com operates a global specialist International debt collections service. We have a team of associate lawyers who are very well trained and have extensive knowledge in international debt collection agencies in every country all across the globe. Dubai debt Recovery works based on No Win No Fee which means no success in recovery will lead to no fee or commission even after putting in all efforts and energy. The main reason why dubaidebtrecovery.com is so significant is that our associate lawyers are very much aware of local Cultural values, Norms, Language, and Legislation. 

Debt Collection Process in Malawi 

The debt collection process in Malawi usually starts with sending a demand/letter before making claim. As per law, once a demand letter is sent, the debtor has the responsibility to pay the total sum. If the debtor neglects compliance with the demand, we can proceed with legal action in the High Court (Commercial Division). But the best approach is to settle the matter out of court. The matter than can go for mandatory arbitration before the Judge. For straightforward claims, after filing the defense, we can apply for summary Judgment and then implement the Judgment by means of imposing execution on the physical property or by way of Third Party Debt orders by doing so we can convince the Court to order a bank or any party keeping the Defendant’s money to pay the said money directly to our claiming client. For other debts, the matter goes to trial if settlement gets failed to reach appoint con consensus. As per the rule of Malawi, debts less than $2,750.00 can be initiated in the Magistrates Courts (lower courts than the High Court of Malawi).

As per the constitution, Malawi is declared as a Common law country and so the Courts act as autonomous referees. For debt collections, the Court process is considered faster because the cases are taken to the specialized department of the High Court known as the Commercial Division just in case the debt is above2,750.00). Anything less than this amount goes to the Magistrate’s Courts.

Most of the attorneys in Malawi are general Practitioners and they act as both solicitors and barristers. There is no distinction like in other western countries where you have to be either Solicitor or barrister.

As for as dubaidebtrecovery.com is concerned, we prepare an Early Case Assessment Report specifying the predictions of recovery. This will ensure that there is no waste of time and resources on debts that are not achievable. We always make sure that the availability of property or money by the debtor may be used to clear the debt. This is a very significant stage as the collection fees No-Win-No Fee and we make sure the claims are viable.

In the past 20 years, we have managed to achieve success as we have a specialized staff that makes sure that no date is missed, no time is wasted and nothing should fall down the cracks thereby permitting the lawyers to concentrate on core legal work. Our practice systems are based on client preference. We have tried our level best to adopt such a policy that makes sure the client is stress-free. 

No Win NO Fee is the policy that enabled us to deal with the customers as per their customized procedure. We use to keep updated the client after regular intervals to avoid any delays and confusion about our operational capabilities. 


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