Debt Collection Mali

Debt Collection Mali | No matter whether you are new to business or managing a corporate firm as a head, you must be known with the debts. It means the delayed payments of invoices, bills, overdue debts, and bogus cheques. Above payments are the main factor that keeps the company’s operational capability compromised, such delays can results in further problems as well.

Just in case you are facing bad debts, then no need to worry, we at Dubai Debt Recovery contain a team of expert associate lawyers who have extensive experience in the field of debt recovery as well. You can contact our associate debt collection agency and get legal assistance. There is no need for you to present in Mali for the recovery of debt, our staff will conduct the whole process of debt recovery on your behalf. They will assist you in recovering the pending amount in various cities of Mali like Bamako, Timbuktu, Gao, Djenne, Mopti, Segou, Sikasso, San, etc. There are various languages spoken in Mali but the official language is French, most of the population spoke Bambara which is almost 80% of the population, other languages include Bomu, Tieyaxo Bozo, Toro So Dogon. Apart from this, over 40 African languages are spoken by various ethnic groups. Our associate lawyers can navigate in these languages and communicate with the debtor appropriately. Our team is well aware of local cultures and the legal processes.

If you have a team of employees hired for debt collection in Mali, then you must abide by the legislation of Mali as well. The code of conduct of Mali is also applicable to creditors who do not permit them to use unlawful means against debtors. However below we have addressed some of the recommendations for the clients:

  • · Sending demand notices to debtors in writing.
  • · Communication after the crossing of the deadline as per agreement.
  • · Mentioning the expected payment date in the invoice
  • · Sending emails or faxes to ask for overdue debt
  • · Sharing invoices containing descriptions of debt recovery

Why hire a Debt Collection Lawyer?

To tackle the commercial norms, trade culture, rules, and regulations of Mali, you must hire a debt collection lawyer. When it comes to payment reimbursement the behavior of Mali people is far different from the other clients you have been dealing business with. Therefore, you must seek for getting legal assistance to gain your money back.

The process of collecting of overdue debt required a lot of patience. One must keep in mind the rules while dealing with a debtor. Experts from our associate debt collection agency communicate with debtors in their native language and they have techniques and methods to make your debtor pay on time.

Every debt dispute differs from the latter due to the concerns of both parties. The amount of debt and the logic behind delayed payments also control the decision of both parties about following which way to deal with this situation. However, a non-lawful individual cannot decide this due to a lack of required knowledge and experience.

So, our associate debt collection lawyer offers the clients, legal consultancy for tackling overdue debt matters. They will deal with the creditor on your behalf after signing a contract with the client. They will take care of your concerns and will resolve this matter with the debtor professionally. 

As for as Mali is concerned, there are two types of Debt Collection Procedures are followed in Mali.

v Extrajudicial Debt collection (out of-court settlement)

In this phase, the recovery agency will try its best to resolve the case through negotiations. Both parties will sit across and negotiate in a meeting that is headed by a professional expert from the debt recovery agency. Most of the time, installment-based recovery agreements are signed between the creditor and debtor in this meeting.

In this type of process, the judicial process is conducted for the recovery of debt recovery Mali. Generally, once the debtor neglects the offer for the recovery of debt collection, the second option will be selected by the creditor

No Win No Fee 

Keeping in view the sensitivity of the financial matters we work based on NO WIN NO FEE. We will not charge any fee or commission until the case gets resolved successfully. 


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