Debt Collection Malta

Are you facing debt collection issues in Malta? Well, you do not need to worry as our associate debt collection agency is there to assist you. There is a matter of fact that you are not the only one suffering from a financial crisis due to non-paying Maltese clients as many others are going through the same.

Maltese customers usually delay paying the bills for the goods and services they buy on credit. This makes the seller hire a specialist to carry out legal proceedings for debt collection Malta. Our associate provides legal assistance in Valetta, Mdina, Birgu, Sliema, Victoria, Senglea, Saint Julian’s, Marsaxlokk, Cospicua, and Bugibba.

Legal Consultancy and Customized Services

Our associate debt collection lawyer deals with every case through different strategies. The amount to be recovered, concerns of both parties, and many other factors regulate the decision behind which process they should follow. Therefore, they can guide you on which legal process you should follow. You can get legal consultancy from our associate legal attorneys. They advise clients which is the best route they can take for debt recovery Malta. They will also guide you about the trade culture of Macedonia and provide legal options about dealing with a non-paying client.

Get Legal Services | Debt Collection Malta

Everyone is not aware of the rules and regulations of Malta. Moreover, a person dealing with debtors for the first time might get anxious and do not follow the code of conduct. To deal with the legal aspects of the matter, you can head to our associate debt collection agency. With their knowledge and experience of resolving debt disputes in Malta, they will assist you and guide you on which process you should follow. They assist in overcoming language barriers as they are multilingual experts and communicate with Maltese clients in their native language.

Recovery Process | Debt Collection Malta

Debt recovery Malta does not start from a court, but it is divided into two stages. If the dispute remains unresolved in the extrajurisdictive phase, then creditors can go for the judicial phase. The details about both stages are:

  • Extrajudicial Debt Recovery

In this phase, the disputes are settled through negotiations. Both parties discuss the matter under the supervision of an expert from a debt collection agency. Creditors agree on easy reimbursement plans so that debtors can easily pay off the debt without damaging the business repute.

  • Judicial Debt Recovery

If debtors delay or refuse paying off the debt in the extrajudicial phase then creditors can take legal actions against them. A debt collection lawyer files a lawsuit against debtors. European order for payment procedure is followed for debt collection Malta if both parties belong from EU states, except Denmark.Debtors have 30 days to appear in court to claim any object. If they fail to do so, a final notice is issued which is called a declaration of enforceability. Debtors should pay off the outstanding debts to creditors as per court orders as failing to abide by court orders would make them face legal charges.

No Win No Fee Policy | Debt Collection Malta

According to our No Win No Fee policy, if our associate law firms or lawyers remain unsuccessful in recovering your debts from non-paying clients. You will be relieved of their services charges. Our associate legal experts do not charge their fees from the clients whose money was not recovered.

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