Debt Collection Moldavia

With the increased number of businesses starting their offices in Moldavia, the number of debt agreements and relevant issues is also rising. To relieve the creditors from the hassles of dealing with non-paying clients now and then, legal entities are there to lend a hand.  The professionals from our associate debt collection agency are providing legal services in Comrat, Balti, Soroca, Cahul, Ribnita, Edinet, Bender, Orhai, Dubasari, Camenca, and other cities of Moldavia. They are devoted to winning justice for clients by following their integral values.

Approaching a Debtor in Moldavia

 Every state works on a set of policies that are followed from personal to corporate matters. Whether you are an individual dealing with the debtor or someone is not paying off the invoices for the products they have bought on credit from your firm, you must follow the legislation.In case of any wrong step taken in the way of recovering the payments, the creditors will have to face legal accountabilities. Following are the suggestions provide by a debt collection lawyer for dealing with a non-paying client:


  • Contact them through call, email or fax
  • Inquire about the reason behind the delayed payment
  • Send legal notices to claim overdue debts
  • Remind them about the expected date of payment
  • State the invoice details in the demand notice

Avail Legal Advisory and Bespoken Services

To claim outstanding debts from an Irish client, you can get the support of our associate debt collection lawyer. We have a registered ream of legal experts who are well-aware of the rules and regulations of dealing with a non-paying client.


Not only this, but our associate debt collection agency also offers customized services as per the nature of your dispute. They provide you the best legal options abut which route to take to get your money back. They get your money back while maintaining your business repute.

Debt Collection Procedures followed in Moldavia

The debt collection process in Moldavia is usually divided into two phases. If the debt is recovered in the first phase, then the second one is automatically eliminated otherwise the court proceedings are followed. Our associates are cooperative in both phases.

  • Extrajudicial Debt Collection

In this phase of debt recovery Moldavia, creditors, and debtors are called for negotiation under the supervision of a legal entity. If the debtor is unable to pay all the money at once, installment based reimbursed plans is devised.

In case the debtor does not follow the negotiated terms, legal proceedings are announced from creditors. Taking legal actions against the debtor also speeds up the recovery process as no one wants to face court or damage the status of their firm.

  • Judicial Debt Collection

The judicial procedure for debt collection Moldavia follows the European order of payment procedure. Court issues notice to the debtor so that they can justify the delayed payments with evidence. Debtors are liable to pay off the debt as per the court orders.

If the debtor does not pay off the debts within the court specified period, they come under legal accusations. The court’s decision is final for debt recovery Moldavia. It can only be requested for revision if the debtor is facing financial crisis and unable to pay.

No Win No Fee Plan

We have devised No Win No Fee strategy for the creditors who do not get their money back. If our associate professionals are unsuccessful in debt recovery cases, then you will not be liable to pay their service charges.

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