Debt collection Myanmar

Debt collection Myanmar | Whether your debtor happens to be located in Myanmar, Dubai Debt Recovery can now provide you with a bespoke local solution for your unpaid bills in Myanmar! We offer services all across Myanmar that is Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyitaw, Mawlamyine, Bago, Old Bagan etc.

What’s on your side? 

Myanmar and, consequently the procedure of collection of unpaid bills, differs from other Asian nations altogether manner of the way. And yet there are varieties of universal points of reference that apply everywhere the planet that you simply can first go for yourself.

Preventive measures

• Collection of basic information about debtor that is contact detail, credit diary etc
• obtaining required documentation that is order form, delivery note, contract, e-mail and messages related to the debt, preferably in compliance with the practices of the country of the debtor

• drafting agreement to make sure that your general terms and conditions are binding
Billing as early as possible and also send your invoices the digital way.

Once the payment date is exceeded:

  • Establishing contact via telephone with the debtor and preparing the conversation carefully
  • Serve the debtor promptly, and on a daily basis, with formal written notice of default
  • Reply to protests so as to defuse things.
  • Out-of-court debt recovery in Myanmar
  • If the debtor fails to reply to the above steps, it’s advisable to enlist the services of a debt collection agency. A recovery partner will accelerate the gathering process without harming the client’s relation.

NO Win-No FEE 

dubaidebtrecovery.com has more than 20 years of experience to its name and operates on the no cure no pay principle, which suggests that, if the amicable option should unfortunately fail to elicit a favourable solution, then you, as claimant, won’t incur any cost. This same principle also guarantees that we’ll do our utmost to succeed in an (amicable) settlement within the recovery of your debt.

Thanks to the dubaidebtrecovery.com network we can organize direct local contact with the debtor. In other words, your file is monitored via your assigned associate lawyers from dubaidebtrecovery.com direct with the debt recovery partner in Myanmar. The local partner can weave his way round the ins and outs of all the local administrative and cultural do’s and don’ts, closely observing the local laws and therefore the shared deontological code of the dubaidebtrecovery.com.

Our Associate Debt Collection agency will regularly send you info in your own language, besides which you furthermore may have online access to all or any updated info in your file(s).

Debt collection through the courts in Myanmar

If the out-of-court way does however draw a blank, you would possibly consider legal redress. Our associate lawyers will then advise the simplest legal solution per case and dubaidebtrecovery.com will guide and support you thru the further course of the proceedings.

For the amicable settlement, and even more so within the event of initiation of legal proceedings for debt recovery, it’s important that your file should be supported by all the required documentation as mentioned in preventive measures.

Every case is different and thus requires a singular approach. If you are facing any bad debt then feel free to contact us at dubaidebtrecovery.com

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