Debt Collection Netherlands

 Debt collection Netherlands is the legal recovery process of your past payments from a debtor on behalf of the claimant. The organization that the creditors use for recovery of their debts is known as debt collection agency in Netherlands .

If you were looking for someone to help you in recovering your debt from a client based in the Netherlands, then you have landed at the right page. Worry not as our debt collection agency is here to save your credit score. Our services are renowned for recovering debt easily and on time. Usually, debt recovery in Netherlands is easier and faster as compared to other EU states. However, there are still some debtors who have delayed payments due to which debt recovery from your Dutch clients has to turn out to be difficult.

Our debt collection agency provides a platform where our associate lawyers will legally collect your debt from the borrower. The maxim of our debt collection agency is “No win no fee”.

Act Smart: The Early Approach of Claimant

Don’t get panic and abruptly jump into a legal proceeding for getting your payments!

First, you need to be proactive and contact your debtor to ask about your payments. Try to contact in office hours so that they won’t dump you. If still no response, then send a written notice and give them a deadline. You can convey your message through email or fax if calling doesn’t work. 

Meanwhile, collect all the details of your debtor. If your debtor refuses or does not respond after the deadline then you can go for a debtor collection agency.

Services of our Debt Collection Agency

Our associate lawyers have a legal right for recovering debt from Dutch clients. Whether you are in Amsterdam, Almere, or Rotterdam our lawyers are completely familiar with their policy and customs. They also have an adequate command of their native language.

We tend to provide personalized recovery services based on an induvial client’s situation. Our top priority is customer’s interest and satisfaction. Hence, we start our proceeding in a way that benefits you the most!!

Ways of collecting debt in the Netherlands

There are two major phases of collecting the debt:

  1. Extrajudicial debt collection
  2. Judicial debt collection

  • Extrajudicial debt collection procedure

The extrajudicial debt recovery is the significant way of recovering debt in which the case is resolved outside the court. This is the first and preferred way used by most of the agencies. Our associate lawyers send a notice through email or Fax that demands the due payments. Moreover, they also finalize a payment procedure for the debtor. However, if they don’t acknowledge the assertion then we will go towards judicial debt recovery procedures. 

  • Judicial debt collection procedure

We will move towards judicial debt recovery if the case is not settled through communication. This is an easy and time-saving way of collecting debts. One of our associate lawyers will file a case against the defaulter with a proper claim. Hence, the court’s order will be the final decision for the debtor. If still the debtor failed to give the payment then strict legal action will be taken against them.

“No Win No Fee”

Suppose you did not get your payment! There is no need to panic as we have a little benefit for you that is “No win no fee”. This means that if you lose, we will not charge you our fee. We are concerned for you and we will try our best to entertain you effectively to get your payments back. Otherwise, accept this little effort from us.

Wrapping up the context

You have gone through the detailed procedure of debt collection in the Netherlands. Now, it is your responsibility to contact the agency earlier. Our associate lawyers are very technical in handling diverse cases. So, what are you looking for? Get our services to save time and money. 

We do not only deal with debt recovery services but we have other useful facilities for our clients. If you have any other issue related to debt collection, feel free to contact us.

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