Debt Collection Norway

Debt Collection Norway | Many of you must be finding difficulty in collecting debt from a client based in Norway. We have an associates debt collection agency where associate lawyers work to collect your debt from your client.

Whether your debtor is in Bodo, Oslo, or Bergen our associate lawyers will get your debts on time. We tend to provide you with a trustworthy debt collection system in which our lawyers efficiently deal with your queries. Our associate lawyers are proficient in understanding Norway’s law and we have full authority of collecting debt from there.

We are concerned for our customers therefore we provide customized services to each case. Use our services to get your payments immediately. We also provide a “no win no fee” rule for our customers.

What is the Initial Course of Action when your Clients do not pay you?

In this case, you don’t have to get frustrated at all. Approach your debtor nicely and arrange a table talk first. Remind him about your invoice with a clear description by calling your debtor at their official contact number so that they cannot dump you. Tell your debtor about the time which was finalized for the payment. Moreover, collect the personal contact details of your debtor elegantly and communicate again after the deadline has reached. If the debtor doesn’t respond or refuse to pay, then warn them as per rules and regulations and contact a debt collection agency in Norway.

Hire our Highly Proficient Lawyers

We have an experienced team of associates debt collectors who can collect your payment easily from Norwegian customers. They are fully trained and are aware of Norway’s legislative system. Our associate lawyers have the power and right to take legal action against your debtor. Debt recovery will become easier if you trust and hire our lawyers. Your case will be started instantly. Moreover, it will save you time and money. Your preference is our main goal hence, we will give you the right advice in proceeding with your recovery process.

Mandatory Documents in collecting debt from Norway

To help you in recovering your debt, our debt collection agency will require the following documents:

  • Contract
  • Overall position 
  • Give proof of your connection with the debtor
  • Verification of your order
  • Invoice Copies
  • Evidence of your shipment 

Approaches to debt collection in Norway

There are two significant phases of debt collection in Norway and we provide services for both. First is judicial debt recovery, which is the legal way of collecting debt through the court. Second is extrajudicial debt recovery, in which the case is resolved outside the court without involving legislative bodies. 

  • Extrajudicial debt recovery

Extrajudicial debt recovery is the most preferred way of recovering debt in Norway. The first and best way for recovering the debt is to resolve cases outside the court. However, if the issue is not resolved then move towards judicial recovery. Our lawyer will send a notice through email, fax, phone, or by post with a detailed description of invoices to the debtor and demands for payment without forcing. Moreover, we ask for payments in a very nice manner so that the issue is resolved in earlier stages. If the amicable settlement did not work then we will go toward judicial debt recovery in Norway procedures. 

  • Judicial debt recovery

Taking the case to court is the last way of recovering debt from Norwegian clients. It is the simplified way of collecting debt that involves judicial bodies but requires money and time. Your lawyer will file a case against your debtor and the court will send legal notice to the debtor. Later on, decisions can be used in opposition to the debtor in the execution procedure. In the case of claiming opposition, negotiation among the parties is ordered by the court.

The standard method for debt collection is “European payment order”. For this, the opposing parties should be in a European state (excluding Denmark). For this purpose fill the form of European order which is given on their website in all languages. Along with the required documents send the filled form to the court. The court then reviews the form and sends the legal notice regarding the invoice to the debtor. Moreover, the deadline is given to the debtor for paying the payment. The case end if the debtor did not respond to court notice in the required time. Now the court will take legal action and use enforcement tools to get payment order. 

No Win No Fee

What will happen if you don’t win the case? We are here for your ease. We will try our best to save your money and time. Therefore, we have used the rule of “No Win No Fee” that is if you don’t win we will not charge a single penny from you.


Our clients’ satisfaction is our foremost concern. Our associate lawyers work day and night in case studies and devise a useful pan to help you in debt recovery. Once you contact us, there will be no need to be worried at all. We will take care of your issues and come up with a positive outcome.

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