Debt Collection Poland

Corporate firms operating in Poland often face bad debts. This is due to the declined economic condition of the country. Whether it a business-to-business debt or business-to-consumer debts, the recovery process might take longer as the debtor has to manage his account to pay off the outstanding payments. Debt does not only refer to the money lent by someone, but unpaid invoices, bills, and dishonored cheques also need to be recovered as debt. Our associate debt collection Poland specialists will assist you in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lublin, Katowice, Torun, Lodz, and Sopot.

How to Deal with a Polish Debtor?

Dealing with a non-paying client is not an easy task. It would risk your repute and might take you behind the bars if you follow any unlawful process for recovering unpaid invoices or debts. Follow the below-mentioned suggestions by a debt collection lawyer for dealing with a Polish debtor: 

  • Send an email or fax inquiring about delayed payments
  •  Remind them about the due payments through written demand notices 
  • State invoice details and the expected date for recovering debt in the reminder

Avail Customized Legal Services in Poland

A layman is not aware of laws and policies of the state which makes the debt recovery process a hassle for them. Therefore, it is suggested to hire a debt collection lawyer for starting the legal proceedings of the matter. You can reach out to our associate legal attorneys to seek legal consultancy and services.

Provide the legal documents and the contracts signed between you and the debtor. Experts from our associate debt collection agency tailor the debt recovery procedure to meet your concerns. They also guide clients about how to preserve their business repute in such cases and the approximate success rate of the case.

Debt Collection Techniques in Poland

Debt recovery Poland does not start with legal proceedings. It is divided into two phases so that if the dispute is not settled through negotiations, then creditors can go to court to seek justice. The details about debt recovery procedures followed in Poland are:

Extrajudicial Debt Collection

The extrajudicial debt recovery phase does not involve court intervention. In this process, both parties negotiate in easy terms out-of-court. If the debtor refuses to pay after the negotiated contractual terms, then creditors are allowed to announce taking legal actions against the debtor by hiring a lawyer.

Judicial Debt Collection

In Poland, European order for payment proceedings is used to recover the debt if both parties belong from EU Member state (except Denmark), Court issues a 30 days’ legal notice to the debtor. Debtors can come to court with evidence that they are facing financial instability thus unable to pay off the debt. If the debtor does not respond, the final order of payment which is called a declaration of enforceability is issued which states the due date of reimbursement. For disputed debt collection Poland issues, ordinary civil procedures are used. This process ensures that the debts are recovered so that the creditors get their rights.

No Win No Fee Policy for Debt Collection

We have devised No Win No Fee strategy for the creditors who do not get their money back. If our associate professionals are unsuccessful in debt recovery Poland cases, then you will not be liable to pay their service charges. 

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