Debt Collection Portugal

 Is your Portuguese client is delaying paying or the goods or services you have provided them on credit? Does your company dealing with bad debt recovery in Portugal or got bounced cheques? Well, you do not need to worry anymore as our associate legal attorneys are always there to help in financial issues

Recovering overdue payments and debts in Portugal is not an easy task. You have to abide by the rules and regulations of the state where you and your debtors live. Moreover, the trade culture and norms of Portugal are different from the ones you are used to which makes collecting debts challenging.

Services Provide by Debt Collection Agency

Business operations in Portugal are slower than in Europe. Projects take longer than expected so do businesses have to wait for payment of invoices. Most of the Portuguese companies do not adhere to payment terms thus invoices are usually delayed or sometimes not paid at all.

 To deal with a non-paying Portuguese debtor, you should devise strict payment plans. Getting assistance from our associate debt collection agency is also helpful. The experienced professionals recover your debts in Portugal and they are experienced in resolving such disputes. Legal services you can get are:



  • Amicable debt recovery through lawful means
  • Legal claim procedures and executing judgment
  • The judicial process for recovering overdue payments
  • Follow European order of Payment for recovery
  • Legal support and advisory for contracts and general terms

International Debt Collection in Portugal by Legal Attorneys

Businesses have to deal with trading traditions of Portugal when trading with local clients. The legislation of Portugal is different from other countries whereas the local customers do not converse in English rather they use their native language. This makes getting your unpaid bills recovered a tough task.

To cope up with language barriers and comply with local policies, you should contact Portuguese legal attorneys. You can hire our associate specialists as they have legal means to recover your unpaid invoices. They know how to make your debtor pay on time.

Debt Recovery Techniques in Portugal

The process of getting overdue debts back in Portugal is usually divided into two phases. Get legal advisory from our associate consultants to decide which phase to should follow. They assist creditors in following both procedures as per the laws. Details about debt collection Portugal methodologies are:

1. Extrajudicial Debt Collection Process

The initial process for recovering outstanding debts does not involve the intervention of the court. Our associate lawyers reach out to your debtor to claim payments. Here are a couple of actions followed in extra jurisdictive process for bad debt recovery:

Sending Demand Letters to Debtors

Reminders, clearly mentioning invoice details and the due date for payment, are sent to debtors. They are given a specific period for paying off the due payments. Moreover, negotiations could also be done for installment based payment plans if the debtor is facing financial instability.

Announcing legal proceeding for non-paying clients

If the debtor does not agree through negotiations, then you can get help from legal attorneys and announce taking legal actions against him. It is also helpful in getting your debts on time as no one wants to face legal allegations.

Judicial Debt Collection Process

For filing a lawsuit against your debtor, you need to hire a lawyer to represent your case in court. Moreover, you should decide first in which country you want to litigate. You can agree on the competent court for general terms and conditions of debt conflicts; commonly known as choice of forum

National Agency for Payment Order, Balcão Nacional de Injunções, is responsible for carrying out electronic proceedings for debt recovery Portugal. National Bureau of Payment order enforces the debtor to pay off your due payments within a specified period otherwise they will face legal claims.

Recovery Limitation Period in Portugal

Invoices, bills, bounced cheese and debts could only be claimed unless they are time-barred. Keep a check on the limitation period to get your unpaid invoices recovered. In Portugal, the limitation period for outstanding payments is 20 years. This period starts when the due date of payment is over.This limitation period is different from the nature of the case. You can also prevent limitation on your invoices in Portugal in 2 ways:



  • Confirmation letter from debtor about dues
  • Initiate a subpoena in Portugal

No Win No Fee Strategy

Debt recovery Portugal is not a straightforward process. Every case is distinct and processed differently. Legal attorneys do not promise about winning the case but try their best to get optimum results. Therefore, we have devised No win No Fee policy to assist our valued clients. If our associate lawyers and law firms fail to achieve desired results then you will not be liable to pay their services charges. As per our No cure No pay strategy, we do not get payment from clients if our associate attorneys fail to recover their debt.

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