Debt Collection San Marino

Debt Collection San Marino | Do you have a local or international debtor in San Marino who is not paying off the debt on time? Worry not as no you can recover the unpaid bills and invoices with the help of a debt collection lawyer. They will help you to cope up with the legal aspects of the matter.

Irrespective of the area you are resigning in San Marino, our associate legal experts will always find a way to help you. Nowadays, they are providing legal services in Serravalle, Montegiardino,  Fiorentino,  Faetano, Domagnano, Chiesanuova,  Borgo Maggiore and Acquaviva.

Why do you need a Debt Collection Lawyer?

Not everyone is familiar with the rules and regulations associated with their matter. Especially when you are not a San Marino national, this will be a difficult task for you to deal with the legal issues as per the policies. The legal issues worsen when followed by wrong procedures. Therefore, the professionals from our associate debt collection agency are providing services for debt recovery. They will help you communicate with natives in their language and assist you in following the legal procedures when recovering your payment from the non-paying client as:

  • Collect information about the debtor
  • Contact the debtor by fax, email or call
  • Inquire the debtor about the delayed payments
  • Send written demand notices to the debtor
  • Arrange a meeting between both parties for negotiation

Avail Customized Legal Support and Advisory

To meet the concerns of a client in debt collection San Marino, our associate professionals are providing bespoke legal services. Whether you want to get customized procedures as per your requirements or you need legal consultancy, you can hire them in this regard.Our associate debt collection experts will guide you with the legal options you have. Moreover, they also provide customized debt collection services depending upon your needs. You can also reach out to them to get legal consultancy in dealing with your non-paying clients.

Procedures followed for Debt Collection in San Marino

In the way of recovering debts, the experts carry out the process in two phases. In the first phase of debt recovery San Marino, the amicable settlements are carried out. If failed, then creditors take legal actions against the debtor in the jurisdictive phase. Irrespective of the phase you are in, experts from our associate debt collection agency will assist you with every possible solution. The details about the process of recovering debts in San Marino are as follows:

Extrajudicial Debt Recovery

In this phase, a debt collection lawyer arranges a meeting. Both parties are invited along with the reminder of brining the supporting documents. Most often, the payments are recovered in installment otherwise the debtors have to face legal allegations from the creditor.

Judicial Debt Recovery

For people belonging from EU members, the court follows the European order of payment proceedings in case of outstanding debts. Court issues legal notice and a final demand letter to the debtor stating the due of payments for debt recovery San Marino.In case if disputed payments, the judicial phase of debt collection San Marino follows ordinary civil proceedings. The jurisdictive debt recovery process ensures that debtors pay off the debts or delayed bills as per the court orders so that creditors can get their rights.

No Win No Fee | Debt Collection San Marino

If you do not get your outstanding payments back from your debtor then our associate law firms offer you a ‘No Win No Fee’ plan. According to which they will not charge you our service fee in case of failure. It is devised to ease the creditors who are already facing financial issues.

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