Debt Collection Scotland

Recovering your unpaid invoices, delayed debts and dishonored cheques is not a cup of tea for everyone. It requires patience and legal knowledge to deal with a client who delays or denies paying back the amount they are obliged to pay as per the debt agreement or goods invoices.To assist people facing bad debts in Scotland, our associate debt collection agency is operational in multiple cities of Scotland including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Perth, Stirling, St Andrews, Elgin, Paisley, just to name a few.

International Debt Collection in Scotland

For dealing with international debtors in Scotland, the knowledge of trade customs and cultural norms of the state is a must. Not only this, but the legal procedures of debt collection Scotland be followed as per the rules and regulations to avoid any accountabilities.

To help people in dealing with debtors legitimately, hiring a legal attorney is the best option you can avail. Our associate experts can speak your as well as the debtors’ language thus removing the communication barriers. They know how to recover your payments by legal means.

Legal Consultancy and Bespoken Services

The nature of every debt or outstanding payment is different, the reason behind the delays as well as the financial condition of both parties. On the other hand, creditors have some concerns while recovering the payment which cannot be met without the assistance of a debt collection lawyer.

Therefore, our associate professionals are providing legal advice in support of all debt recovery cases in Scotland. You can get consultancy about what options you have and what is the best one to choose from. They provide customized debt recovery Scotland services as per your requirements.

No Win No Fee Policy

Every creditor thinks of both positive and negative outcomes of a case. Therefore, we are offering a No Win No Fee service for our valuable clients. In case our associate legal attorneys fail to recover your outstanding payments, you will be relieved from their service charges.In this way, clients do not have to worry about how they will manage to pay the fee of legal attorneys they had hired for debt recovery Scotland. This strategy is devised to assist our clients in the hour of need.

What is the Debt Collection Process in Scotland?

In Scotland, the process of recovering unpaid invoices and delayed debts is divided into two phases. In the first phase, amicable settlements are followed which leads to court intervention in case the debts are unpaid after the completion of the first phase.

Extrajudicial Debt Recovery

As the name suggests, the phase is free of court procedures. Both parties are invited to a meeting for negotiations under the supervision of a debt collection lawyer. Most of the time debts are recovered in this phase as no one wants to damage his repute with legal allegations.

Judicial Debt Recovery

In this phase of debt collection Scotland, clients file a lawsuit against the debtor with the help of a legal representative. The professionals complete the paperwork and carry out the court procedures. The decision of the court is final which must be followed to avoid further charges. If both parties belong from EU states, then the European order of payment proceedings is used. If the debt is disputed between both parties, then it is recommended to use ordinary civil proceedings in the judicial debt recovery phase.

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