Debt Collection Slovakia

Whether you are new to business or the head of a corporate firm, you must be familiar with the debts. It includes the delayed payments of invoices, bills, overdue debts, and dishonored cheques. All these payments are the leading factor that keeps the company operational thus any delay can cause issues.

If you are the one suffering from bad debts, then contact our associate debt collection agency and get legal services. They assist people in recovering outstanding payments in different cities of Slovakia including Kosice, Poprad, Nitra, Levoca, Zilina, Trencin, Piestany, Martin, Presov, and Brezno.


If you have formed a team of company employees for debt collection Slovakia, then you must abide by the general code of conduct. The legislation of Slovakia is also applicable to creditors which do not allow them to take unlawful actions against debtors. You can follow recommendations as:
  • Send written demand notices to debtors
  • Communicate about the delayed payments
  • State the expected payment date in the invoice
  • Send emails or faxes to claim overdue debt
  • Mention invoice details for debt recovery

Why do you need a Debt Collection Lawyer?

To deal with the commercial traditions, trade culture, rules, and regulations of Slovakia, you should hire a debt collection lawyer. The payment behavior of Slovakians is different from the other clients you have been doing business with. Therefore, you must get legal assistance to get your money back.

The process of getting overdue payments back from a client requires patience. One must abide by the rules while communicating with a debtor. Experts from our associate debt collection agency converse with debtors in their native language and they have means to make your debtor pay on time.

Customized Legal Services and Consultancy

Every debt dispute is different from the later one because of the concerns of both parties. The amount of debt and the reason behind delayed payments also regulate the decision which legal procedure one should follow. Whereas, a non-lawful entity cannot decide this due to a lack of knowledge.

Therefore, our associate debt collection lawyer provides clients with legal consultancy for dealing with debt issues. They take care of your concerns and deal with a debtor professionally. They also customized the debt recovery Slovakia procedures to meet your requirements.

Debt Collection Procedures followed in Slovakia The debt recovery process in Slovakia is divided into below-mentioned phases:

  • Extrajudicial Debt collection

This phase of debt collection Slovakia, the case is resolved through negotiations. Both parties negotiate in a meeting that is headed by an expert from the debt collection agency. Most often, installment based reimbursement contracts are signed between creditor and debtor in extrajudicial debt recovery processes.

  • Judicial Debt collection

European order for payments’ proceedings and ordinary civil procedure is used in the judicial process of debt recovery Slovakia. The debtor should abide by the court orders in European order for payment proceedings to avoid further legal notices. On the other hand, ordinary civil proceedings are used for disputed debts.

No Win No Fee Policy

If our associate debt collection agencies and lawyers remain unsuccessful in recovering the overdue payments, then you will not pay their service charges as per our No Win No Fee plan. Our associate legal attorney does not charge a service fee from the client whose case was unresolved.

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