Debt Collection Slovenia

Are you facing bad debts in Slovenia because your clients are not paying off the invoices for the products and services they have bought on credit? No need to worry as our debt collection specialists is always there to assist you in recovering your outstanding debts. Experts from our associate debt collection agency are operating in multiple cities of Slovenia which include Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Kranj, Piran, Koper, Ptuj, Bled, Novo Mesto, and Kamnik. They are devoted to serving you in legal matters associated with overdue debts.

Challenges in Debt Collection Slovenia

The payment behavior of Slovenian customers is good but sometimes they delay the payments. In such cases, you will be confronted with different trade and cultural norms. Moreover, the legislation of Slovenia plays an imperative part in the debt collection process.

Creditors should follow the basic rules of conduct when communicating with a client. To deal with the legal aspects of a matter, you can get assistance from our associate debt collection lawyer. They know the legal process to make your debtors pay on time.

Customized Legal Services and Consultancy

Every debt issue is different and so does its regulatory factors are. Clients are always in search of a Slovenian Rechtsanwalt or lawyer who could provide them the best possible solution to their issues as per their concerns. Therefore, our associate debt collection lawyer is there to assist you.

Our associate debt collection experts are well-aware of the local laws and they have experienced in dealing with non-paying Slovenian clients. They will provide you legal consultancy about which route you should take for debt collection Slovenia and provide customized services as:

  • Small claim processes
  • Judicial debt recovery
  • Executing fair judgments
  • Legal advisory and support
  • Amicable dispute settlement
  • European order for payment procedure
  • Consultancy about general terms and conditions

The Procedure of Debt Recovery in Slovenia

The collection of outstanding debts, unpaid bills, delayed invoices, and dishonored cheques in Slovenia is divided into two phases. One follows the out-of-court procedure for debt recovery Slovenia whereas others involve court intervention. We suggest you start with an amicable settlement and then move on to the jurisdictive phase in case of failure. Irrespective of the technique you want to proceed with, our associate lawyers and advocates will legally guide and support you

Extrajudicial Debt Collection

In this phase, the negotiations are relied upon in a meeting so that both parties can resolve the issues while keeping their business repute conserved. Associates from our debt collection agency will assist you in the extrajudicial phase of debt collection as:

  • Communicating with debtor via fax, call or email
  • Send written demand letters to claim overdue debt
  • Drawing up payment arrangement under the legal umbrella
  • Announcing legal proceedings in case of failed recovery

Judicial Debt Collection

For taking legal action against the debtor, you have the option to litigate either in your country or in Slovenia (in case you are not a Slovenian national). The judicial procedure of debt collection Slovenia involves:

  • European Order of payment
  • Bottom Line Proceedings
  • Order for Payment Procedure (FMH)

No Win No Fee

In case our associate lawyers do not collect your payments, then you will not pay the legal fee. For unsuccessful cases, we relieve you from the service fee of our associate lawyers as per No Win No Fee policy.

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