Debt Collection Spain

Debt collection is the recovery process of due payments on behalf of creditors from debtors. A debt collection agency is responsible for achieving this procedure. Well, you should be aware of the fact that recovering debt in Spain has always been a strenuous practice.

Are you also facing a struggle in collecting debts from your Spanish client? Spanish companies are considered the worst debtors in Europe. But you do not need to worry as our debt collection agency in Spain is here to provide you with experienced lawyers who will help you in collecting your unpaid invoices from the debtor.  

We serve you whilst marinating your reputation and relations. We aim to provide you with trustworthy and skilled lawyers who are knowledgeable about Spanish laws and jurisdictions and has full authority for recovering invoices. Our services are available in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Valencia, Bilbao, Cordoba, Palma, Girona, Cadiz, Toledo, Zaragoza, Murcia and all other states of Spain.   

Our services are commissioned and affordable for each client. Besides, we also offer a “no win no fee” plan in case of unproductive upshots.  

Merits of Debt collection in Spain

Following are the benefits that are offered from our debt collection agency:

  • Spanish debt collectors
  • Lawyers are aware of Spanish language
  • Noticeably high achievement rate
  • Debt recovery facilities in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Valencia and other states of Spain
  • Services are available 24/7
  • Direct contact with your debt collection lawyer
  • No win No fee plan in some circumstances
  • Cashback, nation-wide provisions, legal and credit services.
  • Your relation with the client will be protected
  • Legal advice where required
  • High debt recovery rates

Spanish Debt Collection Methodology 

Extrajudicial debt recovery and judicial debt recovery are two methods for debt collection in Spain. In both procedures, money is collected through “European payment order” or Small claims procedure. Below is the brief description of both methodologies:

  1. Extrajudicial Collection 

It is the most important way of recovering unpaid invoices. It is carried out through negotiations to reach a mutually agreed decision. Firstly, draft a letter that demands payments and then send it through email, fax, phone, or by post. Then our associate debt collection lawyers personally visit the debtors and professionally communicate with them. Besides, they also investigate about debtor’s solvency. However, if they do not respond properly then our associate lawyers will announce for taking legal actions.

  • Judicial Collection

This is the ultimate way of recovering unpaid debts. It’s a cost-effective procedure but requires time. You need to file a claim against the debtor in court and let the judges make the decisions. The verdict of the judge is the final statement in settling the case and both the parties should obey it. The debtor can also claim the decision made by the court of law. This requires further procedures such as negotiation among disputed parties. Hence, you must go for legal procedures before it is written are as bad debts.  

 No Win No Fee Policy

If we are unable to collect your due invoices or you have cancelled the further proceedings of the case due to any reason then we will not charge you our service fee. This is according to our “No Win No Fee” rule. Our main aim is to save you money whatever the situation is but still, we cannot guarantee successful outcomes. Therefore, accept this little offer from us!

To Summarize

Debt collection from a Spanish client is a very complex task but if handled professionally can guarantee you successful results. We offer customized strategies along with up-front advice for our customers. Our associate debt collection lawyers are very nominal and professional in managing diverse cases. 

We hope you have acquired a detailed understanding of debt recovery. Now it is your job to contact our associate debt collection agency for further procedures. We will provide you with competent associates who are capable to handle your situation. You can also give your feedback so that we can improve our services where needed. For further ambiguities and booking your consultation contact our law firm directly. 

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