Debt Collection Sweden

Debt Collection & Recovery in Sweden | Debt does not only include the amount a firm or individual has lent from a third-party. But it involves unpaid invoices, bills, dishonored cheques and other payments which a debtor was confined to pay on-time. Any overdue payment becomes a bad debt that needs to be recovered through legal procedures.

If a person is new to business or dealing with the debtor for the first time then he will not be familiar with the legal process to follow. Our debt collection agency is providing legal support in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Helsingborg, Uppsala, Lund, Umea, Vasteras, Linkoping, and Orebro.

How to Recover Debts on your own?

 If you are the owner of a corporate firm, then you would probably start with the debt recovery process internally. Venture capitalists dedicate a team of company employees to recover the outstanding payments. Follow these suggestions for carrying out debt collection Sweden process under the legal umbrella:


  • Contact debtor via call, email or fax
  • Ask about the reason for the delay
  • Send demand notices to claim debts
  • State the invoice details in the notice
  • Send regular reminders for debts

Hire a Debt Collection Lawyer in Sweden

Everyone is not familiar with the rules and regulations of Sweden. Moreover, the trade and cultural traditions of Sweden are different from the ones followed round the globe. To deal with the commercial and legal aspects of the matter while dealing with the debtor, you should hire a debt collection lawyer.

The specialists from our associate debt collection agency can speak the Swedish language thus they assist you to communicate with the debtor in their native language. They are well-aware of the local legislation and experienced in dealing with the Swedish customer.

Legal Advisory and Tailored Debt Recovery Services

Now you can get bespoken legal services from our experts. The legal attorneys tailor the debt recovery Sweden process as per your concerns and deal with the debtor as per the law. Provide the legal documents associated with the matter and they will recover the debts on your behalf. Legal attorneys also provide consultation on how to deal in case of bad debts. You can get advice on which route to follow for getting your money back according to the rules and regulations of the state.

      The Procedure of Debt Collection in Sweden
Recovering overdue payments and debts in Sweden is divided into below-mentioned phases:

  • Extrajudicial Debt collection

In extra jurisdictive debt recovery Sweden phase, the case is resolved without court intervention. Both parties negotiate in a meeting that is held under the supervision of a lawyer. This is also called the out-of-court method for recovering debts and overdue invoices from a non-paying Swedish client.

  •    Judicial Debt Collection

In this phase, creditors announce taking legal actions against the debtor. They go to the court along with a legal representative and file a lawsuit to get the outstanding payments back. The court in Sweden follows European order for payment proceedings if both parties belong from an EU member state. Debtors should pay off the money as per the court orders. If they do not pay off the outstanding payments then they will be liable to legal accountabilities. If the payments are disputed between both parties, then ordinary civil proceedings are employed for debt collection Sweden.

No Win No Fee Plan

If our associate debt collection lawyer fails to recover your payment, then you will be relieved from their services charges. Our associate legal attorneys do not charge their service fee from a client whose case was unresolved according to our No Win No Fee plan.

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