Dealing with a non-paying client in Switzerland is not an easy task. The customers usually buy goods on credit and most of the time delays the payment. Sometimes the delay is due to the financial instability of the client whereas sometimes the intentional delay from a client leads a business to face issues.

Whether you want to recovery unpaid invoices from a client or your debtor is not paying off the debt, you can get support from our associate debt collection Switzerland experts. They are operational in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Lucerne, Lugano, Bern, Zermatt, Montreux, Thun, and Locarno.

Are you planning to Settle Debt on your own?

Most creditors try getting the payments back from the debtor on your own. Some dedicate a team of internal employees and give them the task of debt recovery Switzerland. Whereas others hire debt collection law firms if they are unsuccessful in their internal debt recovery strategies.


If you are planning to deal with the debtor on your own, you can follow the below-mentioned suggestion from debt recovery experts:



  • Reach out to debtor via email, fax or call
  • Inquire about the reason for unpaid invoices
  • Send regular reminders to claim overdue debt
  • State invoice details and due date of payment
  • Send written demand notices to get your money back

If the debtor does nor responds n the initial internal procedures, then you should not waste your time anymore and get the services of our associate debt collection agency. You must be familiar with the policy that debt could only be claimed within a specified period so you should plan. 

Get Customized Legal Advisory from Debt Collection Lawyer

The amount of debt to be recovered, the nationality of both parties, the reason behind delayed payment, and the contract signed between creditor and debtors are the regulating factors that decide which process one should follow for debt recovery Switzerland. Do not worry at all as our specialists are there for you.

We connect you to our associate debt collection lawyer. You can get legal consultancy about the dispute and ask them about the legal route to get your money back. It is suggested that you should hire a debt collection expert as they tailor the procedures as per your concerns and complete the paperwork.

  • Extrajudicial Debt Collection

In this phase, a debt collection lawyer heads the negotiation meeting between creditor and debtor. Both parties, when agreed on easy installment based reimbursement plans, sign the contract without court intervention. 

  • Judicial Debt Collection 

Judicial debt collection Switzerland process uses European order for payment proceedings. Debtors are confined to abide by the court orders. If the debtor does not pay the creditor according to the legal notice, then they have to deal with legal accusations. Ordinary civil procedure is used for disputed payments.

No Win No Fee for Debt Recovery

According to our No Win No Fee strategy for debt collection issues, if a client does not win the case then he is exempted from lawyers’ charges. You will not pay the service fee of our associate debt collection lawyers if they fail to recover your payment.