Debt Collection Syria

Debt Collection & Recovery in Syria | Dubai debt Recovery provides a global debt collections service. We make debt collection possible with the help of our extensive network consisting of our associate partners. DDR is serving for the past 20 years and has resolved thousands of monetary disputes all across the planet. Dubai debt Recovery works on the principle of NO Win-No Fee. When it involves, resolve the financial dispute. We aim to develop trust between us and the client. We understand that maintaining the relationship of trust is a basic factor or foundation while making bad debt recovery. dubaidebtrecovery.com will only charge once it successfully retrieves the outstanding debt from the debtor.

Why Us?

There are various factors or requirements for recovery of international debts in Syria. Debt recovery is completely different from the debt collection of western countries like UK. Debt collection agency case must be handled directly by our expert associate lawyers. The policy of NO Win- No Fee before the successful debt recovery has made Dubai debt recovery distinctive from the competitors who are in business of debt recovery. Working in coordination with the local associate lawyers have enables us to understand greater success rate.

How we recover the debt in Syria …?

We provide our services all across the Syria , we cover particularly Aleppo. Damascus, Homs, Ar Raqqah, Latakia, Hama, Deir ez-Zur, Idlib, Qamishli etc. no matter where your debtor happens to be located in Syria  we’ll  provide you our local associate partner for resolving your unpaid or outstanding amount in Syria.

Our associate debt collectors and lawyers are very well informed about the principles, regulations and legislation of Syria, so as that they’re going to deal accordingly with the debtor on your behalf. This might make the whole process of debt collection chaotic free for the client. Our associate partner will communicate with Syria people in their language. Official language in Syria is Arabic that has been given the status of national language.

Things to do on your side

Considering the character of debt we’ve developed sort of universal points of reference that apply everywhere the earth
Precautionary measures

  • • Collecting basic information about your debtor like contact detail, address, etc.
  • • Necessary documentation e.g. contract or agreement of debt, delivery note, e-mail messages related to the debt, in compliance with the practices of the country of the debtor
  • • Bill as rapidly as possible and also send your invoices using a digital way.
  • After exceeding deadline
  • • Make contact using the phone with the debtor and conduct the conversation carefully
  • • Keep sending reminder notice to the debtor on a day today.

Out of court Debt Collection & Recovery procedure in Syria

If the debtor neglect to reply the above steps, it’s advisable to shortlist best debt collection agency. A honest debt recovery agency will enhance the gathering process without harming the creditor and debtor relation.
Dubai Debt Recovery can establish local contact with the debtor. So your file goes to be monitored using your assigned contact person in Syria with the debt recovery partner in Syria. Our associate lawyer in Syria will regularly send you updates in your own language.

Debt collection through the courts in Syria

Just in case we didn’t acquire the debt collection then proceeding are getting to be next step to retrieve the outstanding amount from debtor. Our associate lawyers will advise the only legal solution according to case and Dubai Debt Recovery will guide and support you thru the further course of the proceedings.

NO Win No Fee | Debt Collection & Recovery in Syria

Dubai Debt Recovery has 20 years of experience to its name and operates on the NO Win No Fee policy, which suggests that, in case if debt collection agency fails to collect debt then they will not charge single penny from you. This same principle also assures that we’ll do our utmost to make successful settlement related to recovery of your debt.

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