Debt Collection Togo

Debt Collection in Togo | We offers a worldwide collection of debt or outstanding amounts from all across the world. We’ve over 20 years of debt collection. So far we’ve resolved thousands of monetary disputes. We apply conventional collection methods and utilize a network of associate lawyers in Togo.

Outstanding debts cost businesses a huge amount of monetary deficit annum which put an adverse effect on business. Our company’s aim is to assist with solutions to reinforce your profits.

We recognize that every client is significant to our success. We treat each Togo client, with dedication and honesty. we provide services in almost every zone of Togo i.e. Lome, Sokode, Kara, Kpalime, Atakpame, Bassar etc.


Our debt collection staff will begin performing on your overdue accounts within hours after being contacted. We fax and or mail a series of letters, contact the debtor by telephone and continue working the case until we are able to effectuate a settlement fully, or arrange an amicable payment plan.

Debt Collection in Togo | We offer our services on the basis of No Win-No Fee. Just in case we are getting to unable to recover your outstanding amount through conventional collection methods. We’ll not claim any amount during this case. We’ve adopted this policy to form our client feel relaxed that his case is in safe hands. We’ve a worldwide network of bonded law firms who pursue debt collections through litigation.
In the event of litigation, you will be required in touch all the expenses associated with
Our attorneys won’t stop once a judgment is obtained.

Recovery & Settlement

Company should establish a specific in house written policy for management of their assets from point of sale or service until the account becomes delinquent. It’s imperative to possess a thought of action to reduce debt collection in Togo. you will find that the bulk of your customers pays as agreed as a specific number pays once they receive a light-weight reminder. However, some will encounter a change in their economic situation because of illness, loss of employment, reduction in business earnings, etc. These are the debtors that our collectors will follow up with, obtaining insight into their specific situation and tailoring a thought that matches the debtors needs while still being acceptable to you. You’ll also find our services invaluable for the small number of debtors, rarely over 10% that require a more aggressive approach in collecting your outstanding receivables.

Today’s economy has become sluggish. Recovery is going to be fruitful if it’s wiped out short period of your time. Delay in filing case or in making recovery will decrease the chances of recovery.

Settlements are accepted only alongside your authorization. Legal actions are initiated only alongside your authorization. All funds recovered by us are placed into our bank account trust.

No Win-No Fee

We at dubaidebtrecovery.com are successfully providing services and assisting our clients all across the world. We believe establishing a robust and trustworthy relation with client. We’ll not charge any amount until we get success in recovering your amount. So it is basically a Win0Win situation for client as he has nothing to lose anymore.

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