When the debt collector approaches the debtor with the claim that he/she owes money or debt that is required by the creditors to repay, he/she can dispute the debt.  It is his/her legal right to dispute a debt, although, in the written form.  In this written dispute, he/she can ask about the creditors’ full name, address, company or bank name, location etc.  There can be various reasons that a debtor can dispute a debt, for instance, if the debtor has some issues or facing any financial crisis then it is his/her right to dispute the debt.

Debt collection Dubai proceeds smoothly with the legal actions.  In the UAE, if the debtor disputes the debt, the debt collector can’t take further action of collecting debt.  He/she must stop connecting the debtor for further process until he/she provides all the detailed information to the debtor.

It would be better for the debt collectors in the UAE to give detailed and certain info about the creditor to the debtor in their first communication.  In this way, the debtor will come to know about the creditor’s name and company.  If the debtor receives the right info of the right person, then the debtor needs to respond to the debt collector within a week.  Otherwise, it can give courage to the debt collector to become more harsh and impolite to him/her.

But if the creditor’s info is not provided by the debt collector, the debtor can give a response to the debt collector along with a dispute.  If the debtor doesn’t respond to the debt collector or dispute the debt within a month of the first communication, the debt collector will assume that the debt is valid.  It will become easy for the debt collectors to recover the debt that the debtor owes.  The debt collectors will try to pursue many other ways for the debt collection in Dubai.