Doing drug is an illegal activity because it destroys the person’s mind and body. It is not permitted in any religion. Having said that, the UAE, one of the Muslim places, has strict policies regarding the drug addicts. The policies are changed with time and recently there are strict actions against illegal usage of the drug.

The people who are charged with the possession of drugs have now the option to get admitted to rehabilitation center rather, going to the jail. But, the accused person has to make sure on the court that he wants to get rid of the drugs. Hence, Dubai lawyers can defend your case in the court in a professional way.

Though the UAE has allowed marijuana in some places, the drug is not misused. Wherever, they find a drug abuse, there is zero toleration for such activities in the UAE. In fact, there are some drugs that are allowed in other countries, but the UAE government does not allow them. Therefore, as an expatriate, you must have a list of drugs that are allowed in the UAE.

The drug possession can lead to four years of imprisonment. The Federal Law No. 14 of 1995 has stated that the production, import, export, buy, sell, possession, store narcotics, and psychotropic substances are illegal unless they are regulated by medical or scientific activities with the applicable laws.

If you are accused of possessing a drug, then you will need a lawyer to help you in resolving the case. It depends on the labour Lawyers in UAE, that how are they going to tackle your case, especially if you are at fault. Each one of them has a different approach towards such cases. You have to choose a lawyer, which has experience in dealing cases like drugs, before. He will absolutely try every effort that can get you rid of the case.

While going to the UAE, you must be careful to buy drugs before reaching UAE. If you know that a certain drug is not allowed in the UAE, then you must not take it with you because it can cause you a big trouble.