With the aid of our global debt collection law business, foreign debt collection has never been easier. We address any language, cultural, or legal hurdles by approaching your debtors in their native language with the help of our in-house professionals. The best thing is that we resolve 95% of cases without having to make a court appearance. In addition, we do not charge our clients if we do not win their case. We call this No Win No Fee. If your debtor does not pay during this time, our efforts do not end there.

Global Debt Recovery

Why choose an international debt collection agency?

·       Lawyers from twenty of Europe’s most powerful economies

Do you have an unpaid invoice from a European business partner? Our company has over sixty in-house European debt collection lawyers and professionals that can help you get your invoice paid.

·       Understanding of local laws and commercial traditions

Our foreign debt collection lawyers have considerable ability and understanding of the country’s legislation, rules, commercial norms, and culture. This makes it easier for us to communicate with your debtor and urge them to pay sooner.

·       Genuine counsel

We will always offer you our honest opinion on your possibilities of success in your debt collection situation. Moreover, we prioritize your interests; we strive to give you with your alternatives as well as our recommendations on the best path to pursue. It is clear how we live out our basic beliefs of honesty and fairness.

·       Quick debt repayment

We realize that you want your claim resolved as soon as possible. Furthermore, we will begin overseeing your case the same day if you send your debt collection claim to us before 16:00pm CET. We will give your debtor a few days to make payment. We have got things under control!

·       Hiring a global debt collection lawyer fortifies your stance.

As attorneys, we can exert greater pressure on your debtors than, say, a debt collection agency or a bailiff. We can also help you with the extrajudicial collection stage as well as the judicial stage. This will save you both time and money.

·       Personalized international debt collection


We tailor our commercial debt collection strategy to each individual situation, and we give you with personal counsel.

How does global debt collection work?

Although international debt collection might be more difficult than dealing with a domestic collection case, still you are able to get your money back with the help of a skilled debt collector. But how exactly does it work? That all relies on the nation of your debtor.

The procedure might vary based on the difficulty of the case. For example, if your debtors agree with your invoices but has simply not paid, you can utilize the European Order for Payment. This procedure can be employed if you and your debtor live in any European Union member state other than Denmark. However, if your debtor challenges your invoice or your debtor refuses to accept your claim, this approach is no longer applicable. In this instance, you will need to sue overseas, ideally in the nation of your debtor for the greatest outcomes.This is something that a global debt collection lawyer may help you with. They are familiar with the laws of your debtor’s nation and can speak in your debtor’s native language.


What is our International Debt Collection process?

The European Union is an appealing market due to its fusion of so many diverse countries. However, because there are so many rules and regulations, debt collection methods are not harmonizing and hence extremely difficult. It is critical for the European Union to boost commerce between European countries. This excludes difficult debt collecting methods for overseas claims. As a result, there are two legal procedures for dealing with foreign claims: the European Payment Order and the Small Claims procedure.

The European Union is an appealing market due to its fusion of so many diverse countries. However, because there are so many rules and regulations, debt collection methods are not harmonizing and hence extremely difficult. It is critical for the European Union to boost commerce between European countries. This excludes difficult debt collecting methods for overseas claims. As a result, there are two legal procedures for dealing with foreign claims: the European Payment Order and the Small Claims procedure.

In all procedures, you must complete a standard form and send it to the court. The court will hear the collection case and make a ruling. Both treatments are simple and affordable. The Small Claims Procedure is only available for claims up to €5,000, while the European Payment Order is only available for uncontested claims.

Our motto is “If DDR associates Lawyers cannot get your money back, no one can.” We will find the best solutions for you without any court interference.


When collecting an international unpaid invoice, there are steps that we may follow before going to court.

In most countries, you can:

·       Sending a payment reminder.

·       Contact your debtor.


·       Send a final request

We understand your debtor through extensive international and local database searches

We collect local and international data of your debtor such as credit reports, databases, and blacklists. This helps us build our case and make predictions about the case.

Send custom letters to your debtors

After research, we send your debtor a customized letter in their native language to create pressure.

In-person calls to debtors in their native language

We reach out to your debtor to catch them off guard. Consequently, not allowing them to make excuses.

Tail your debtors by private detectives

Our international debt recovery lawyers have links with international private detectives and bailiffs who can further investigate your debtor. 

Personal Visit to your debtor

Our global debt recovery contacts will make a personal visit to your debtor to increase pressure.

Exceed your expectations through legal action

We can also go to court if your debtor does not pay. Furthermore, we guarantee you a successful outcome if it comes to that. We have thorough knowledge of global debt recovery.

Global Debt Collection laws

We will continue to the legal process until your debtor pays. We go ahead according to the respective debt collection laws of a country. While the Mahnvervahren method is popular in Germany, the Small Claims technique in the United Kingdom, and the bankruptcy application in the Netherlands, there are many national procedures that our attorneys are familiar with and may apply to your benefit. 

There is no one who can override international debt collection legislation or rules. The method for collecting debt in Europe varies based on the nation of your debtor. This implies that the method for repaying your outstanding debt will differ greatly from what you are accustomed to in your own country.

This should not deter you from trying to recover your debt from your foreign debtor. You can improve your position by hiring an international debt collection lawyer. Understanding the regulations of your debtor’s nation and communicating with them in their native language increases your chances of getting your overdue invoice paid.

We collaborate with native debt collection lawyers

We can overcome language and cultural barriers with our extensive team of 115+ international debt recovery lawyers. In addition, they are familiar with all the local tactics and will recover your money.

Ninety-five percent success rates

Our lawyers are massively experienced and supply services in extremely affordable rates. We must deal with many factors in these cases such as type of claim and nationality of debtor. We supply honest and transparent counsel to our clients and guarantee them full recovery of their money. The data we collect is safe in our databases. We have a system of machine learning and Ai that can predict the best step that we can take next. If DDR Lawyers cannot collect your money despite his vast resources, no one can.

No Win No Fee

Our debt collection attorneys will not just let you forget about your debt. We restrict your risk by working on a No Win No Fee premise, which is like No Cure No Pay. We intend to recover the whole principal amount, including interest and charges. This says that you just pay €165 for research fees. This enables us to undertake comprehensive research on your debtor, for example, and pay external costs like as collecting credit reports on your debtor. If legal action is needed, we will charge an hourly or flat cost. More information is available here.

Extensive Resources

We have extensive data collection resources at our behest than any other debt collection agency. Furthermore, we not only have significantly more resources than a typical foreign debt collection service, but we also have the knowledge to litigate abroad. Moreover, we have experts that will help you in all sorts of ways.

International Debt Collection Experts

Our thirty-five international lawyers are debt collection professionals throughout Europe. We will do all we can to resolve your issue as quickly as possible once you turn it up to us. We will relieve you of your stress, whether it is a simple debt collection issue or a complex legal dispute.

Cases of disputed international corporate debt collection

When you and your debtor dispute on the outcome of your commercial transaction, you have a contested case. For instance, supposing you feel you supplied high-quality items, but your debtor does not. Do you have an international debt collection dispute? Therefore, the nation of your debtor will heavily influence the technique you choose. You should contact a debt collecting lawyer for contentious overseas situations. They not only understand the law, but they can also speak in the same language as your debtor.

Would you like to learn more about international debt collection?

You can find more detailed information on international debt collection in our knowledge bank. Do you still need help? Call us right away. Our foreign debt collection professionals and attorneys will gladly help you.

International Judicial Debt Collection

Do you have a foreign debtor that refuses to pay your bill? Have you explored all pre-legal means of reclaiming your money yet are still unsuccessful? You should start international judicial actions in this matter. It is always a good idea to contact with a lawyer before going to court. You have several options for resolving your existing debt with your foreign debtor. Which method you pursue the facts of your lawsuit, and the nation of your debtor will heavily influence.

International controversies

Do you have a case for indisputable international debt collection? All country’s debt collection procedures are unique. Every country has its own set of laws and procedures. This makes collecting foreign debt extremely difficult. Our foreign debt collection lawyers have considerable ability and understanding of the country’s legislation, rules, commercial norms, and culture. This makes it easier for us to communicate with your debtor and urge them to pay sooner.

Unless otherwise shown in your general terms and conditions or in your contract, the law of your debtor’s country will apply. This implies you may have to litigate in your debtor’s language and travel to court in your debtor’s country. We can oversee this, so you do not have to. Hundreds of worldwide firms have used our international attorneys to recover overdue business invoices from overseas debtors.

If you register your debt collection action in the wrong court, the procedure may slow down. The court will first consider your case if you file for the European Small Claims Procedure. If they are unable to complete your case, they will notify you. You must then repeat the steps with the proper court. This will not waste your time with our debt collection professionals on your side. We can work quickly on your behalf to ensure that you file your case with the proper court, allowing you to get your reward as soon as workable.

What is the European Small Claims Procedure?

You can use this approach if both you and your debtor are EU citizens. Furthermore, you must complete the European Small Claims Procedure Form A, which is available on the e-Justice Portal.

You can therefore predict the following:

·       Once completed, we must send the form and supporting documentation to the proper court. We can carry this out without the need of a bailiff.

·       After receiving the form, the court will complete the European Small Claims Procedure Form C. This, together with form A, we will deliver it to the counterparty. After receiving your form, the court will have 14 days to deliver the papers.

·       After that, your counterparty has 30 days to react. They can do so by filling out section two of European Small Claims Procedure Form C and returning it to the court.

·       Within 14 days of the court obtaining the defense, you will get a copy in mail.

  1.        The court has 30 days to reply after obtaining the debtor’s defense.
  2.       The judge may choose to:
  3.         Reach an agreement on the claim.
  4.         Obtain further information
  5.           Should invite both sides to an oral hearing.

The court will let you know as soon as the judge will reach a decision. Without more action, we can execute the ruling in your debtor’s nation. If your debtor does not cooperate, you might employ a bailiff to execute the judgement.

When should you use a Small Claims Procedure?

  •          In the case of a global conflict
  • ·             Both parties live in a European Union member country (except Denmark)
  • ·              In both civil and commercial situations
  • ·              For receivables worth less than €5,000
  • ·              For both undisputed and contested claims

In contrast to traditional court processes, the European Small Claims procedure supplies a faster and less expensive way to recover your foreign claims. DDR Lawyers debt collection attorneys can aid you in initiating the European Small Claims process. Our experts routinely employ this method and can tell you all you need to know about it. 

Obtaining the services of a debt collection specialist for the European Small Claims Procedure

Although you may apply for the European Small Claims Procedure on your own, it is not always as simple. To avoid errors, our foreign debt collection attorneys may aid you in sending and responding to the paperwork. You prevent the chance of the court rejecting your application this way. Because we must translate the forms for the European Small Claims Procedure into the language of the nation where the litigation will take place, they must be professionally designed. Because our local in-house attorneys are proficient in their respective languages, there is always a professional accessible to aid you with your application for the European Small Claims process.

Costs of European Small Claims Procedure

The expenses of the European Small Claims process are significantly cheaper than the costs of conventional judicial proceedings. However, the process of starting legal procedures is subject to court expenses. You may get more information about which costs apply to your case on the courts’ website, depending on where the litigation will take place. Furthermore, we have certain charges for the translation of the forms. If you get a favorable result, you can normally recover a part of your legal fees from the other party.

European payment order

Do you have a dispute that exceeds €5,000? You cannot apply the small claims method to recover your overdue invoice in this circumstance. However, you can apply the European Order for Payment Procedure.


Do you have any overseas debtors that are not paying you? The European Payment Order method may be of aid. This is a straightforward, common technique that you can apply in all EU member countries (except Denmark). With the European order for payment method, you may easily, quickly, and affordably collect your foreign claims.

European payment process order

The European order for payment process is a powerful court tool for foreign claims. It is a basic method that works the very same way in every country. As a creditor, you must complete Form A of Annex I of the EEW Regulation and send it to the court together with the accompanying documentation. The court will decide the matter in writing. This technique has relatively low processing timeframes, so you may get answers concerning your debt collecting case soon. Importantly, this surgery is rather inexpensive. The European order for payment procedure, on the other hand, is only proper for uncontested claims. Do you have a disagreement with your debtor over an outstanding invoice? If this is the case, the proceeding cannot continue, and a new judicial procedure must prove to resolve your payment issue.


What is the European Order for Payment procedure?

·       Is the debtor not answering on time? We will then consider the payment order complete. The payment order is a legally binding decision that we can execute in any EU member state (except Denmark).

·       We will send a form to the debtor by the court. If the debtor disagrees with the claim, he or she has 30 days to respond.

·       To begin a European order for payment procedure, fill out the normal form. This form is accessible in all European Union official languages.

·       The completed form, along with the accompanying papers, must give to the court.

·       Has the debtor objected to the claim? We will have to stop the European Payment Order procedure and will have to initiate another court process.


·       If your debtor does not follow the court’s ruling, must summon a bailiff from your debtor’s nation to execute the court’s decision.

When may we use the European Payment Order?

·       In the event of international war

·       Both parties reside in a European Union member country (except Denmark)

·       In both civil and commercial situations

·       For uncontested claims

Enforcement of international debt collection

What happens once a court gives the decision? How will you get the money you are owed back into your bank account, or your things returned to you? Our attorneys may not only stand for their clients in court, but they can also have measures enforced worldwide. Although this is also dependent on the proper debt collection legislation, our attorneys can provide further information regarding global debt collection enforcement and what it implies in your specific situation.

Debt collector, lawyer, or bailiff?

When it comes to debt collection enforcement, it is critical to understand the many parties involved and how they might aid you.

A debt collection agency’s limitation

We do not allow debt collectors to reclaim cash or commodities from debtors. They can only aid you in pre-legal phase by contacting the debtor; they cannot legally aid you or implement debt collection actions.

Debt collection lawyers on your side

A debt collection lawyer can begin legal actions and represent their client in court if we decide to take legal action. Once our attorneys have achieved a verdict, we can use our worldwide bailiff network to impose sanctions under conditions.

A bailiff's job description

When it comes to international debt collection enforcement, it is critical to understand the functions of bailiffs and what they can and cannot do in each authority. Bailiffs are private organizations that you may appoint yourself in certain nations; yet, in others, these are court-appointed officials that you cannot nominate yourself.

Collection action against your overseas debtor

A judge announces a verdict during legal processes. Your debtor can cooperate freely, or you can take further steps to guarantee that they enforce judgement properly. These extra debt collection enforcement procedures must be conducted in the nation in where your debtor resides.A bailiff can then confiscate your debtor’s assets, such as moveable property or bank balances. We use our vast network to guarantee that will make sure they implement these measures quickly and efficiently. You will not waste time dealing with third parties or arduous processes.

EEX Regulations: the regulations that make debt collection easier to enforce

Originally, when a foreign judgement was delivered to court in your debtor’s country, the judge had to analyze the decision and accept the ruling per that nation’s procedures. With the implementation of the EEX Regulation in 2015, a judgement declared in one EU member state (with a specific certificate) can be directly implemented in another EU member state.

Judgements issued prior to 2015 are not automatically liable to the EEX Regulation; nevertheless, you can request that the judgement be recognized by a foreign court through an executive procedure.Judgments obtained in countries outside than Europe are not subject to the EEX Regulations. Even so, our foreign debt collection attorneys can assist you in having debt collection decisions implemented.

International limitation period

A bill that has not been paid cannot be collected forever. Invoices usually include a restriction term, which means that after a certain date, the claim expires, and you no longer have the right to payment. The responsibility to pay will continue, but you will no longer be able to compel payment by judicial action. The limitation period is frequently different based on the debt collection rules of a country or the sector in which the claim occurs. However, there are many ways to circumvent the restriction period. This might offer you additional time to take the necessary steps to repay your debt.

How does a limitation period on payments operate in practice?

Assume you have delivered goods to a foreign consumer. You submit the matching invoice on April 1, 2017, with a payment term of thirty days. Your consumer, however, does not pay. The invoice is due on May 1, 2017. The three-year restriction period will apply from now on. Your bill will become time-barred on May 1, 2020, and you will no longer be able to take legal action.

As a result, it is critical that you know about the requirements that apply to your case. There are two crucial elements to remember when dealing with restriction periods:

What is the statute of limitations? This typically varies by nation and business and will not necessarily be the same according to your own country’s legislation.

How can you break through a limitation? Countries not only have varied limitation periods, but also distinct measures for breaking a restriction period. While issuing a payment reminder is adequate in some countries, you can only stop it by taking prompt legal action in others.


What is international debt collection?

If someone does not pay you in an international endeavor, an international debt collection agency will help you recover your money.

How does international debt collection work?

We start with thorough research on your debtor’s credit and taking pre legal actions. In case we must go to court, we start legal process and get a verdict.

How do you contact international debtors?

First, we send a demand letter and make a call. We study your needs and then form a strategy. We then find your debtor and make communication in their native language.

What are the costs for international debt collection?

We avoid court process and have a No Win No Pay policy. Starting from €165, we try to collect as much of the principal amount, including interest and costs, from your debtor as possible. If you decide to file a lawsuit against your debtor, we will charge you an hourly or set fee. We have no hidden expenses and will always speak with you before taking any action.

How long does an average debt collection procedure take?

Time depends on the situation of the client. Usually, the debtor pays in a brief time. Otherwise, we must go to court which takes longer.

What is the smallest amount of a claim for hiring a debt collection specialist?

There is no minimum cost for using our debt collection services. We give an honest opinion about the worth of our services.

When do we take a debt collection case to court?

If the debtor does not pay in pretrial phase, we take him to court after consulting you and calculating all costs.

What are the legal possibilities for collecting an international debt?

If you and your debtor are both European Union members, we can start the European Small Claims Procedure or the European Order for Payment. We can also employ domestic techniques with our native professionals. These are often significantly faster and less expensive.

How to transfer my case?

You can use an online transfer form on our website. Enter your details, debtor’s details and case details including important documents such as invoice, general terms and conditions or correspondence with your customer. Current customers can transfer debt collection cases using our web site. As a new customer, you will get login information for this online site within three business days where you can check status of your case.

Who will process my case after I upload my claim?

After assigning an experienced lawyer, we will create a case strategy. We will prefer a native debt collector for your case. We make sure we supply best services.

What happens once I upload my case?

You will get an email telling you the successful uploading of your data. Your caseworker will also give you an order confirmation and will send your debtor a payment reminder right away. Your lawyer will also contact you shortly to discuss the strategy you want.

DDR Associates Lawyers

At DDR Lawyers, our attorneys are well-versed in both domestic and foreign debt collection laws, allowing us to sue on your account if necessary. No debtor can escape from us with DDR Lawyers on your side. You will not have to pay off your debts or lose money and time on an endless case. Learn more about what we can do for you below or call us at once for instant help.


We find your debtor wherever they are. 

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