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Gratuity Calculator UAE

Gratuity calculator UAE  can well define as the retirement benefit which is given to a person on retiring from a job as appreciation. Just like other countries UAE also offers a gratuity to their work and employees. It is one of the benefits that is given to an employer who retires from a job after serving some time in a job. Gratuity offered by some organizations may vary due to some reasons but the basic rule of gratuity is followed to calculate it. If an employer completes his full-time period in a job or works for some years he will be eligible to take gratuity from that organization. Gratuity will also be given to those employees who left job after some years with mutual consultation of an organization.

According to laws of UAE, 21 days salary shall be given to an employer who has worked for a year in any organization as gratuity. This rule will change if the employer has worked for more than 5 years than 30 days salary shall be given to him/her. We help employees to calculate and receive their full gratuity as decided by law. In case of any mistake or difficulty in getting your gratuity, you can ask us for your support. We will look into the details of your matter and will assist you to claim and receive your righteous gratuity from the organization or company of your employment.

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