If an expat is unable to sell their vehicle before leaving DUBAI permanently, they will likely need a vehicle power of attorney Dubai. You can use it to grant authority so that vehicles like cars, motorcycles, boats, and jet skis can be sold and transferred to the buyer. Here are three essential steps to assist you in creating a vehicle authority of attorney in the Emirates if you need to give someone else legal control over a vehicle before you depart the country.

The First Step Is To Select An Attorney

Finding a trustworthy person to represent you in your Vehicle power of attorney in the DUBAI is the first Step in the process. For this significant job, you need to take into account one of the three following categories of people:

A Close Friend or Relative

You can observe that, in practice, people who are unable to sell their cars frequently designate a friend or a relative who consents to buy the car and sign all essential transfer documentation at the Respective Authorities in the concerned Emirate once the owner finds a buyer. In this situation, the defense attorney will handle the ownership transfer, deliver the vehicle, and collect and transmit the amount to you. Managers’ checks or cash are frequently used as payment methods.

  • Law Office

You can also select a law firm to represent you and handle the buyer’s ownership transfer, vehicle handover, collection, and money transfer to you. This indicates that a lawyer who will be in charge of the full sale transaction manages the Procedure properly. This avoids the dangers that might come from selecting a friend, member of the family or the buyer as the attorney.

  • Buyer

If you’ve been successful in finding a buyer for your car who agrees to pay you the purchase price after you grant the POA, you can provide the buyer the Vehicle POA immediately after you get the money from the sale of your car. This form of agreement is made in good faith with the assumption that you will not revoke the POA once you’ve given it. Also that the buyer will, in all actuality, use the POA as their own until the registration is changed at the appropriate Traffic Department.

In circumstances when you are unable to complete the transfer owing to time restrictions and logistical challenges before your departure. Or a request by the purchaser to allow the insurance to stay valid until its actual expiration date. A vehicle Power of Attorney Dubai immediately in favor of the buyer may be granted.

The second Step in the Procedure is to obtain your vehicle’s POA written in Arabic and translated.

After you have an attorney who is willing to represent you under the POA, you must have a reputable law firm draught the POA on your behalf. You may make sure that you hire a functional domain to draught this document because you need to make sure that it safeguards the positions of all concerned parties and is actually acknowledged by the necessary government bodies in the DUBAI.

The cost of having the Vehicle Power Of Attorney in Dubai certificate and making it legal in your country is likely to be significantly higher than the cost of preparation and notarization. This is the cost that you might have otherwise paid in Dubai. This is why it is important to keep in mind that you be required to re-sign a POA that is rejected by the relevant Government Departments. Therefore, it is crucial in your position to prepare a properly written document that complies with DUBAI law and accurately expresses the needs of the government departments.

You may ask for the document to be prepared in English and Arabic if you don’t speak Arabic (in a bilingual format). A legal translator officially legal by the DUBAI Ministry of Justice must complete and stamp the Arabic translation.

Third Step: Notarize your vehicle POA and sign it

Before a Notary Public in the respective Emirate, the document must be signed and notarized as the final Step in making a vehicle POA in the DUBAI. In Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah, the Procedure is fairly identical.

For the notarization in the DUBAI, you must have three (3) printed originals of the POA, and you must go in person to the Notary Public to finish the Procedure. Typically, the Procedure for signing and getting your document notarized at a Notary Public is getting a ticket, waiting for your appointment, signing the document, getting it notarized, and paying the necessary government fee. This Procedure can often be finished in 15 to 30 minutes.

Procedure during Covid-19

The Notary Public in many Emirates devised a procedure for notarizing powers of attorney via video conferencing during COVID-19. The Procedure is signing and sending one (1) original of the document to the Notary Public by online portal or email, depending on the Emirate. To complete the notarization, the Notary Public will schedule a time to speak with you through video conference. The Emirates that offer this service have a slightly different procedure.

If you were unable to sign and get the POA notarized before leaving the DUBAI, you might still do so wherever you are going. The process would also involve extra steps to get the document legalized all the way to the DUBAI Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Depending on the nation in which you will be completing and notarizing the POA, the cost of this Procedure is likely to be significantly greater. End up making certain to sign and have the document notarized prior you leave the DUBAI to avoid this.

Powers of attorney in the Dubai

  • Power of attorney general

In Dubai, a general power of attorney enables an agent to take action on behalf of the principal in a number of circumstances. This kind of power of attorney provides incredibly broad capabilities. When the principal is incapacitated, a general power of attorney is typically known to portray the agent’s control over all of the principal’s affairs.

  • Power of attorney specific

In Dubai, a special power of attorney allows an agent to act on behalf of the principal only in certain circumstances.