There is a struggle when it comes to debt collection in order to get good recognition. There are numerous new outlets that present horrific events which give a negative impact on debt collection, but in reality, debt collection is good for economy. There are always going to be some bad characters, and because of them, this idea has been dealing with the negative sector and something that is bad to do. Hence, those who do this are perceived more negatively when in return, it is something that benefits the economy. This has unidentified the importance of the industries that deal with the returns of the money to the US, which also helps fill up the wallets of American families. 


Each family will benefit from these savings in ways that cannot be easily calculated. Without third-party debt collectors, commodities would have higher prices if they were not available to help people pay their bills. The economy benefits from delinquent debt being returned to it. It lowers lending interest rates and improves credit scores. This also helps increase the overall economy, which in turn strengthens large and small businesses and impacts the hiring and wages of millions. 


Many states have tightened regulation of the debt collection industry. Collector agencies in many states are closely monitored and given strong guidance. This means that licensed debt collection agencies have worked diligently to comply with federal and state laws. This article will provide more information about the economic benefits of debt collection. 


Four Ways Debt Collection Can Help the Economy 


Stabilizing Lending 


Stabilization of lending is the area where the sector contributes the most. You can look at this from both the individual and the financial institution or lender’s perspectives. 

Debt collection agencies can help individuals looking for loans. People who are in dire need of a loan will face challenges. Not being able to get a loan is frustrating. It can also cause stress, which can be detrimental to your mental health, well-being, and economic growth. 

The debt collection agencies can help alleviate stress and make sure everyone has a chance to get a loan in times of crisis. This is done by assisting financial institutions to collect and close out previous loans. They also give them the resources necessary to make more loan agreements. 


This is how collection agencies can help lenders as well as those who are in need of loans. Although financial institutions and lenders want to lend more money to people, it’s not possible if there are too many defaulted loans. This problem can be addressed by debt collectors who ensure that financial institutions are able to approve more loans. 


Returning revenue to the economy 


An International report found that in 2013, $55.2 billion was the gross revenue collected by collection agencies. A 2016 study shows that this number jumped to $78.5 million just a few years later. 


Collection agencies play an important role in recouping revenue. Their impact has increased with each passing year. 


The International study also found that collection agencies play a crucial role in many other industries. This report shows the following percentages of third-party debt collection in 2013 for these industries: 


·        Health care – 37.9% 


·        Student loan 25.2% 


·        Financial Services – 12.9% 


·        Government – 10.1%                                 


·        Retail 3.1% 


·        Telecom 3.2% 


·        Utility 2.2% 


·        Mortgage– 2% 


·        Other 4.7% 


These percentages demonstrate that debt collection has a wide influence. 


Lowering the price of commodities 


Some researchers also found that collection agencies can also assist in ensuring that organizations make payroll. The collection industry generated $12.6 billion in national payroll in 2016, a 2 million increase over 2013. 


Government agencies and businesses can use third-party collection agencies to recover money owed for taxes, fines, and accounts receivable. This results in lower prices. These agencies collect billions of dollars in delinquent debt and return it to the economy. US businesses also enjoy lower bad debt costs, which in turn results in lower prices. For government agencies, this means that future spending increases and tax increases will be less likely. 


Job Creation and Making Payroll 


According to some surveys, third-party collection agencies employed almost 130,000 people directly in 2016. Their payroll was close to $5 billion. Indirectly, the industry was also responsible for the creation of around 90,000. 


These surveys also found that collection agencies can also assist in ensuring that organizations make payroll. The collection industry generated $12.6 billion in national payroll in 2016, a 2 million increase over 2013. 


The results of the research show that debt collection is crucial to economic growth, whether it be national, state, or local. 


Do you need help getting your collection agency up and running? 


There are many agencies that can help you if you are interested in setting up your own collection agency, or if you need assistance in ensuring that your agency has all the licenses it requires to operate. To ensure that collection agencies are productive and efficient, there are many services you can get: 


Collection Licensing 


There are some leading licensing service providers for collector agencies, debt buyers, and attorneys. They facilitate the entire licensing process from initial applications to final approval by the state. 




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Certain licenses may require bonds, while others don’t. Without a trusted licensing agency, it can be very difficult to navigate the licensing process. Some agencies are proactive in providing hassle-free renewals of bonds, just like the licensing services.